Job Design & Evaluation

Writing the Job Fact Sheet

The Job Fact Sheet should be clear, succinct and concise. Keep it simple.

Step 1 - List All Duties Performed

List in point form (number, bullets, etc.) each duty performed until you are satisfied that all the major elements of the job are represented.

Review each statement to ensure that it accurately describes what is done, and briefly how it is done. Ensure that the words used depict true meaning (e.g. prepares and writes reports to support proposals rather than prepares proposals).

Step 2 - Group Responsibilities

Group the responsibilities into sets which have a common purpose (e.g. objectives or major responsibilities, supervisory duties, planning duties).

Step 3 - Describe Nature of Duties or Functions

For each group develop a common denominator statement describing the nature of the duties or functions. Use action verbs to describe the action.

If the position is that of a Program Administrator, such a statement might be:

  • Responsible for undergraduate student records
    • maintains individual files for all undergraduate students;
    • assists with preparation of course outlines
    • up-dates the database for the University calendar

If the position is that of a Laboratory Coordinator, the statement might read:

  • Responsible for the set-up of undergraduate and graduate student labs
    • develops exhibits
    • develops and/or up-dates handout materials
    • demonstrates the correct use of lab equipment

Restricted Titles

For support staff positions, the following titles should not be used:

  • Manager (Assistant Manager)
  • Director (Assistant Director, Associate Director)
  • Officer (some exceptions may apply, e.g. Peace Officer)
  • Chief (normally applies to Executive level)
  • Other titles that would apply under another Collective Agreement at the University of Alberta

The above titles indicate the positions are performing duties at a senior/managerial level and should therefore be excluded from the NASA bargaining unit. The following documents/legislation supports the continued application of this practice:

  • Administrative Professional Officer (APO) Collective Agreement
  • Definition of APO
  • Alberta Employment Standards
  • The Public Service Employee Relations Act (PSERA)

Based on the above information, the University of Alberta requires that job titles for support staff positions do not include those listed above. Should support staff positions be submitted for evaluation and/or posting that contain these titles, Job Design and Evaluation and/or Recruitment Services will request a new title be applied prior to processing.