Job Design & Evaluation

Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff: Definition and Evaluation Process


Full or part-time academic staff with limited term appointments for administrative and professional duties.        

Evaluation Process

  1. If the length of appointment is 12 months or greater, the Position Description is forwarded to Job Design and Evaluation in PDF format. Positions can be forwarded directly to your Consultant or to The Consultant assigned to the department then initiates the evaluation process.
  2. The Consultant will contact the supervisor and may contact the incumbent, if applicable, for any clarification or additional information that may be required.
  3. The Consultant completes the evaluation process based on the content of the position description, the information collected from the supervisor and/or the incumbent, the organizational structure and context in which the work is done, and comparator positions on campus.
  4. All evaluations are reviewed by a Peer Consultant to ensure appropriate decisions are made and internal equity is maintained.
  5. The supervisor is notified in writing of the evaluation decision with a copy to the incumbent, if applicable.