Trust Administrator Level 1

Duties/activities of a Trust Administrator 1 involve providing leadership for the day-to-day operations of research projects or a small centre or institute, which includes recruitment of staff and managing resources and processes.

Duties of a Trust Administrator 1 may include, but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing the strategic planning process for the short- and long-term success of the project/centre/institute
  • Providing financial management including the oversight and control of research project funds to ensure optimum use of financial resources
  • Making decisions on the acquisition of resources and manages issues related to facility and space allocation
  • Providing human resources management, which may include the supervision of a small number of support staff, and liaising with centralized Human Resource Services
  • Advising on the application of the university’s policies and procedures, including research administration, contract management, risk management, etc.
  • Building and maintaining relationships with external and internal networks and partners, including collaborators, funding agencies, suppliers, etc.
  • Participating in the preparation and submission of grant applications and reports and ensuring timelines/deliverables are met
  • Overseeing communications/marketing activities

Note:  When assessing the level of positions, the following elements are taken into consideration:  the work described; the context in which the work is done; the organizational structure; and comparable positions on campus.

Sample - Research Project Manager (Dept. of Nephrology, FoMD)

Sample - Executive Director, CBEEDAC (Dept. of Economics, Faculty of Arts)