Creating a Job Posting

In this section you will find information on:

  • Factors to consider
  • Advertisements - mandatory inclusions if Foreign Nationals will/may be considered
  • Posting the vacancy
  • Recruitment & Advertising Database (RAD)
  • External advertising
  • Additional information and resources 

Factors to Consider

  • Confirm the need to recruit by reviewing potential budget implications and organization structure and job design issues and/or opportunities
  • Secure the appropriate authorization(s)
  • Select the immigration requirement stream the posting will fall under:
    • Faculty, Academic Teaching Staff (ATS), Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS) – where teaching and research duties are 50% or greater
    • Administrative and Professional Officer, Faculty Service Officer, Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff, Librarian, Senior Administration (i.e. Deans)
  • Ensure that the appropriate information is included in the posting
  • Market supplement information is included (as required)
  • Advertise in the required media
  • Ensure that all recruitment files involving foreign nationals are retained for a minimum of 6 years

As per the UAPPOL Academic Staff Posting and Advertising Procedure, continuing academic vacancies (Faculty, Administrative Professional Officer [APO], Faculty Service Officer and Librarian) will be posted on the U of A Careers website for a minimum of five business days. APO positions require a current position description and job evaluation.

Trust/Research Academic (TRAS) positions that are four months or greater in duration and Temporary Administrative and Professional Staff (TAPS) appointments that are 12 months or greater in duration also require a position description and job evaluation. Postings for these positions are recommended, unless foreign nationals will be considered.

All completed forms and documents require an authorizing signature and should be submitted electronically to Job and Organizational Design (JOD) by emailing a scanned copy to: The JOD unit within central Human Resource Services (HRS) provides consultation to departments and faculties on job design, organizational design, the evaluation of positions and the administration of contemporary compensation and reward practices.

Advertisements - mandatory inclusions if Foreign Nationals will/may be considered

Asking for the first digit of the Social Insurance Number 

If a foreign national is offered the job, a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) will need to be prepared, vetted by Immigration Services and then forwarded to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) for approval. ESDC will ask for a list of the exact number of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who applied for the position. In job advertisements, we cannot ask applicants’ nationality but we can ask them for the first digit of their Social Insurance Number (SIN) which will indicate whether or not they are legally able to work in Canada. If applicants do not have a SIN or if their SIN begins with a ‘9’, this indicates that they are not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

When foreign nationals will be considered for the position, the following paragraph must be included verbatim in advertisements, so you can prepare LMIA documents accurately:

To assist the University in complying with mandatory reporting requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (R203(3) (e)), please include the first digit of your Canadian Social Insurance Number in your application. If you do not have a Canadian Social Insurance Number, please indicate this in your application.

Market Supplements (or the possibility of them) MUST be included in the advertisement

Service Canada demands that market supplements (or the possibility of them) must have been included in the job postings, when a foreign national is the successful candidate and an LMIA request has been submitted by the University of Alberta. 

The possibility and maximum amount of market supplements must be pre-approved by Wayne Patterson, Vice Provost and Associate Vice-President (Human Resources) via e-mail to: before submitting advertisements.

If the market supplement is approved, then this sentence must be included verbatim in the posting where foreign nationals may be considered:

       A market supplement of up to $--- may be available.

Faculty, ATS, TRAS positions:

  • Clearly identified duties; objective and measurable qualifications are included
  • Advertised in CAUT and University Affairs for a minimum of 30 days in the year prior to applying for an LMIA
  • The number of international ads cannot exceed the number of Canadian ads
  • Canadian-based ads must run prior to, or simultaneously with internationally-based ads

Administrative positions:

  • Clearly identified duties; objective and measurable qualifications are included
  • Salary, as well as address of where position will be located must be included
  • Advertised in two industry-specific publications that are national in scope, for four consecutive weeks in the three-month period prior to applying for an LMIA
  • Advertised in Canada Job Bank until the LMIA decision date
  • The number of international ads cannot exceed the number of Canadian ads
  • Canadian ads must run prior to, or simultaneously with international ads

Academic Staff Posting and Advertising Tip Sheet

Posting the Vacancy

To initiate a new recruitment competition:

  • Enter competition details directly in the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD)
  • Base it on information in the updated / current position description
  • Keep in mind that information in the job posting will be used to form the basis of the screening and selection criteria

Recruitment & Advertising Database (RAD)

The Recruitment & Advertising Database (RAD) is a software system that supports the front end of the recruitment process and engages departments to be an active partner in the posting and advertising process for academic and support staff competitions.

As departments begin to initiate their own competitions in the RAD system, they experience some of the following benefits:

  • More control over the posting process
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Increased accuracy and reflective job postings
  • Increased understanding of immigration advertising requirements for consideration of foreign applications
  • Accessible electronic record of posting and advertising information (previous job ads, recruitment history and reporting)

RAD is linked to the Job Evaluation Tracking System (JETS) for Job and Organizational Design where position evaluations and job fact sheets/position descriptions reside; to the U of A Careers website; and to TMP Worldwide who is under contract to the university to facilitate external advertising.

The RAD system forwards completed postings from the Department to Recruitment Services for review and approval. All postings are reviewed for accuracy in JETS and in PeopleSoft for consistency in format and content (university statistics), compliance with internal policies, procedures and related legislation, and to ensure external advertising reflects professional standards and complies with immigration advertising guidelines (as required).

Recruitment Services may need to consult with the department regarding the posting or external advertising edits, discrepancies in information, an outdated job evaluation or job fact sheet, potential duty to accomodate and/or recall matches, and/or to confirm external advertising prior to activation of the posting on the U of A Careers website.  

All job postings must be reviewed by Recruitment Services to ensure:   

  • Compliance with university policies and procedures for posting and advertising (UAPPOL) and with association requirements
  • Accuracy with the position information in PeopleSoft and the job evaluation
  • Consistency with formatting, advertising templates, university information (facts)
  • Compliance with federal immigration advertising requirements and guidelines for considering foreign national applications

RAD Orientation and Training Sessions

For more information and access to RAD, please contact Recruitment Services at:

External Recruitment Advertising

External advertising is facilitated in the RAD system through a non-mandated agreement with TMP Worldwide. As such, departments are free to advertise on their own and are not required to use this service.