Recruitment & Advertising

Creating a Job Posting

In this section you will find information on:

  • Posting the Vacancy
  • Recruitment & Advertising Database (RAD)
  • External Advertising
  • Additional Information and Resources

Factors to Consider

  • Confirm the need to recruit by reviewing potential budget implications and/or organizational and job design issues
  • Secure the appropriate authorization(s)

The Job and Organizational Design (JOD) unit within central Human Resource Services provides consultation to departments and faculties on job design, organizational design, and evaluation of positions in addition to the administration of contemporary compensation and reward practices.

If the position that you are recruiting for is greater than 12 months in duration, the following items are required prior to posting: current Job Fact Sheet (JFS), position number and current job evaluation (within 5 years). 

Create a new or update an existing Job Fact Sheet when:

  • Significant changes in job duties or qualifications have occurred
  • The job has not been recently evaluated (>5 years)
  • The position is new or a temporary replacement for greater than 12 months in duration

To document changes that are not related to duties or qualifications (e.g. hours of work, speed code, position type or the department code), complete a Position Information Form and submit to JOD who will update their records and forward it on to Employment Services. 

All completed forms and documents require an authorizing signature and should be submitted electronically to JOD by emailing a scanned copy to:

Posting the Vacancy

Posting Requirements - As per the U of A/NASA collective agreement, all support staff vacancies for positions greater than 12 months in duration must be posted on the U of A Careers website for a minimum of five business days.  Refer to the Support Staff Posting Tip Sheets for further information and details for posting vacancies.

To initiate a new recruitment competition:

  • Enter competition details directly in the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD)

Creating the Job Posting

  • Base it on information in the updated or current job fact sheet, job evaluation results, and input from the hiring supervisor or manager
  • List the minimum required competencies for education and bona-fide occupational requirements for the position; this will promote equity and transparency in recruitment practices and will help to ensure applicants are not screened out based on unreasonable or non job related requirements and competencies
  • Higher level qualifications can be listed in the job posting but they must be phrased as “preferred or would be an asset”
  • Keep in mind that information in the job posting will used to form the basis of the screening and selection criteria

Recruitment & Advertising Database (RAD)

The Recruitment & Advertising Database (RAD) is a software system that supports the front end of the recruitment process and engages departments to be an active partner in the posting and advertising process for academic and support staff competitions.

As Departments begin to initiate their own competitions in the RAD system, they experience some of the following benefits:

  • More control over the posting process
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Increased accuracy and reflective job postings
  • Increased understanding of immigration advertising requirements for consideration of foreign applications
  • Less paper and a reduction in forms and paperwork
  • Accessible electronic record of posting and advertising information (previous job ads, recruitment history and reporting)

RAD is linked to the Job Evaluation Tracking System (JETS) for Job and Organizational Design where position evaluations and job fact sheets reside, to the U of A Careers Website and to TMP Worldwide who is under contract to the University to coordinate external advertising.

The RAD system forwards completed postings from the Department to Recruitment Services for review and approval. All postings are reviewed for accuracy in both JETS and in PeopleSoft; for consistency in format and content (university facts); for  compliance with internal policies, procedures and related legislation; and to ensure external advertising reflects professional standards and complies with immigration advertising guidelines (as required).

Recruitment Services may need to consult with the department regarding posting or external ad edits; discrepancies in information; an outdated job evaluation or job fact sheet; potential recall matches; and/or to confirm external advertising prior to activation of the posting on the U of A Careers Website.  

All support staff positions greater than 12 months in duration must be reviewed by the Recall Coordinator (Recruitment Services) for potential duty to accommodate and recall employee matches, which is in accordance to the U of A / NASA collective agreement.

External Recruitment Advertising

All job postings and external advertising bookings must be reviewed by Recruitment Services to ensure:

  • Compliance with university policies and procedures for posting and advertising (UAPPOL) and with association and/or union requirements
  • Accuracy with the position information in PeopleSoft and the job evaluation
  • Consistency with formatting, advertising templates, university information (facts)
  • Duty to accommodate and support staff recall employment check (as per article 20 of the U of A/NASA collective agreement)
  • Compliance with federal immigration advertising requirements and guidelines for considering foreign national applications