Recruitment & Advertising

Finalizing the Offer

In this section you will find information on:

  • Composing the Offer and Determining Salary
  • Making the Offer (verbal and written)
  • New Employee Documentation
  • Regrets to Unsuccessful Candidates

Composing the Offer and Determining Salary

The following information should be confirmed:

  • Start date
  • Probation period (depends on position type and grade)
  • Salary (grade and step)

The grade of the position is already set; however, the following factors should be considered in determining the step:

  • Budget, or allocated funds available
  • Experience, education, and skills of the candidate
  • Salaries of other staff in the unit
  • Candidate expectations

Making the Offer (verbal and written)

A verbal offer can be made either in person or over the telephone and then confirmed with the applicable appointment letter located in the HRS Forms Cabinet. The appointment letter (also known as the offer letter) is a confirmation of the terms of employment. The successful candidate should be given two original copies to sign, one for their records and a copy for the recruiting department.

A verbal offer may be legally binding; therefore it is important for all offers to be extended and signed by an authorized department staff member.

New Employee Documentation

When the offer has been accepted and the appointment letter is signed, the department must submit the following documentation to Human Resource Services, Staff and Student Payments:

Regrets to Unsuccessful Candidates

It is strongly encouraged that interviewed candidates receive a phone call or a regret letter thanking them for their time and advising them that they are not the successful candidate. This promotes goodwill between potential employees and the university and is consistent with current best practices in recruitment.