Recruitment & Advertising

Screening Applications

In this section you will find information on:

  • Managing Applications
  • Confirming Short-List Criteria and Screening Applications

Managing the Receipt of Applications

For tracking purposes it is important to create a recruitment file and record of all applications. An excel spreadsheet can be used to record, manage, and process applications and related recruitment information. Following is a sample of the type of information that should be recorded.

  • Names of all applicants
  • Current University of Alberta employees should be highlighted
  • Short-list criteria
  • Short-listed applicants

Internal applicants must be given consideration. Be sure to maintain and respect the confidentiality of all applicants.

Confirming Short-List Criteria and Screening Applications

Prior to screening the pool of applicants, the short-list criteria should be identified and confirmed with the hiring panel for accuracy, completeness, and prioritization/weighting.

To ensure applicants are not screened out of a competition based on unreasonable requirements the screening criteria should be based on the minimum required competencies and bona-fide occupational requirements as reflected in the job posting. If the initial pool of short-listed applicants is too large to reasonably manage then preferred qualifications may be added for further short-listing.

Short-list criteria are derived from the job duties and qualifications as listed in the job posting, job fact sheet and input from the hiring supervisor. Following are examples:

  • Educational requirements and/or specific coursework
  • Specific work experience
  • Number of years of related or direct experience
  • Technical skills and/or knowledge
  • Computer knowledge and proficiency
  • Written communication skills and experience
  • Knowledge of the University of Alberta or a particular area (e.g. research grants)
  • Specific competencies such as client service aptitude, multi-tasking abilities, attention to detail

Be sure to document all of the short-list criteria used including the preferred qualifications and whether one or two rounds of short-listing was required to arrive at a reasonable number of candidates.