Collective Agreement Administration

Salary Adjustments for Continuing Faculty

Responses to requests for salary adjustments for continuing faculty must be timely to be effective. In order to ensure careful stewardship of the University of Alberta’s retention funds, responses to salary adjustment requests must be data driven. Accordingly, Deans are requested to supply the following information/documentation when requesting a salary adjustment for a member of the continuing faculty so as to allow for quality decision-making and timely response.

  1. Documentation demonstrating that a cause for salary adjustment exists, i.e., letter of offer from another institution, evidence of salary anomaly, evidence of approach by another institution.
  2. Confirmation that the Dean, or designee, has met with the staff member to discuss the matter *
  3. Data demonstrating the need for a salary adjustment.
  4. Evidence demonstrating that a salary adjustment is in fact the solution to the presenting problem.
  5. Market data where appropriate and available.
  6. Data showing the impact of the proposed upgrade on internal salary equity within the Department. We highly recommend the use of the following table, which involves comparing the faculty member with three colleagues immediately above and below the faculty member’s current position in the salary grid.


    PhD Date

    Appt Date

    Tenure Date



    Above 3          
    Above 2          
    Above 1          
    Faculty Member          
    Below 1          
    Below 2          
    Below 3          
  7. The faculty member’s increment history indicating awards, which reflect a period of leave.
  8. Any awards, recognition received by the faculty member.
  9. Information relative to the faculty member’s strategic importance to the department or faculty

*The importance of the Dean or Department Chair meeting with the faculty member in each of these cases cannot be overemphasized. There have been instances where it has been learned through an exit interview that salary was not a key issue to the faculty member but rather that the provision of research assistance, travel funds, or equipment would have been key. Many situations which involve salary adjustment considerations are about being valued. Time spent with the individual clarifying his or her needs, goals and perceived impediments to succeeding here is time well spent.