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Support Staff Job Code Search

Departments must choose a corresponding job code for the type of work performed, the grade level, and hours of work per week. The Support Staff Job Code Search was developed to facilitate choosing the correct job code when hiring employees.

  • To use this application, please login using your CCID and password.
  • Select the appropriate Job Family at the top of the page.
  • Once you have selected a Job Family all the available Job Codes will populate.
  • There is the ability to filter by Job Code, Description, Grade or Standard Hours by the filter icon, typing or selecting the content to filter by, and pressing the filter button.
  • Use the correct job code when hiring Casual and Auxiliary hourly employees.

For sample Job Codes descriptions to match to position functions, please refer to the Sample Job Code Descriptions and Functions document which lists sample Job Code Descriptions under appropriate Job Families.