Visiting Speaker Guidelines

  • A Visiting Speaker may be a guest lecturer, guest speaker or seminar leader/consultant whose engagement is normally for less than six weeks.
  • Individuals may be Residents or Non-Residents of Canada.

Paying a Visiting Speaker/Lecturer

  • Payments to Visiting Speakers/Lecturers are coded as honorariums.
  • If a Non-Resident is receiving payment for an honorarium, and is in the country for five or more days, Payroll Operations requires a copy of the "Employment Authorization".
  • Non-Residents may request a tax waiver through the Canada Revenue Agency.

The following provide instructions and the forms required.

What do you want to do?

Forward the applicable Visiting Speaker form to Payroll Operations, 2-60 University Terrace. Payments will be processed according to the monthly pay schedule.

Forms Cabinet

Honorarium Payment (Canadian Funds)

Honorarium Payment (US Funds)

Honorarium Payment (Foreign Currencies)