Guides for Managers

Before Your Employee Starts

As a manager at the UofA you play a vital role in welcoming new employees and helping them settle in so that they can contribute their skills and talents to the university.

Use this checklist to guide yourselves through the preparation required to ensure your new staff member gets a suitable orientation to your department and to the UofA.

Pre-arrival Employee Information

  • Send pre-arrival preparation information (including appointment letter, confidentiality agreement, statement of ethical conduct brochure, unit welcome letter, maps, parking information, etc.)
  • Direct employee to review the appropriate information on the Human Resources website (Benefits, etc.)
  • Call the employee to answer questions (clarify timing and location of arrival, where to park, transit options, required documentation to bring on their first day, such as government issued photo ID and
  • Social Insurance Number, work permit, banking information)
  • Submit Benefit Enrollment Notification

Plan the welcome

  • Plan welcome activities, including who will participate in what roles (including training)
  • Plan a welcoming get-together appropriate for your working group
  • Plan the employees first lunch
  • Consider assigning a buddy
  • Plan a tour of the facility
  • Send an announcement to your team, welcoming the new employee and outlining roles and responsibilities (send to the new employee too!)
  • Add employees name to contracting, distribution lists, website, shared directories, google docs, etc.
  • Make time available within your calendar
  • Plan for your employees first assignment to be successful

Design the Training Plan

  • Identify and schedule necessary training

Prepare Identification and Security

  • Arrange for identity markers (name plates, business card drafts etc.)
  • Create Person ID and CCID
  • Submit Pay Action Form using Smart Forms (ePAF), ensure to attach Appointment Letter and Work Permit (if applicable)
  • Order office keys/swipe card
  • Set up Security Identification (i.e. keypad security/alarms through University Access Control System (ACS) Office
  • Request Peoplesoft access (see Administrative Information System Access and Maintenance Procedure in UAPPOL)

Prepare the Workspace

  • Ensure work space is clean and operational including required supplies
  • Phone, mailbox, computer (remove previous incumbent’s personal information, printers
  • If employee has requested workplace accommodation, visit Medical Accomodations.