Guides for Managers

First Days

Providing a welcoming first day sets a positive tone for the new employee and your department.


  • Personally welcome new staff member
  • Describe the orientation plan
  • Introduce new employee to staff
  • Introduce workplace buddy or mentor
  • Take new employee on a tour of work area and offices that the person will be in contact with

Clarify the job description and context

  • Review job description with employee – discuss roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Explain how the job fits in the work group and the department
  • Explain what the group/department contribute to the University
  • Review written statements of mission, vision, current goals and priorities
  • Provide organizational chart
  • Describe success measures of the job
  • Review department website
  • Provide resource sheet with contact information on who to call/help
  • Explain initial assignments
  • Provide salary information and payroll arrangements; explain Beartracks and assist with setting up Direct Deposit
  • Provide a copy of the appropriate Collective Agreement and explain any union dues

Initiate Training Program

  • Provide workplace ‘how to’ information
  • Explain working hours, breaks, overtime, time reporting, vacation, reporting absences, holiday procedures etc.
  • Provide safety and emergency information (First aid supplies, reporting, muster points etc.). If employee is in a supervisory role, ask them to complete the Environment, Health and Safety training
  • Provide office procedures (information and instruction on obtaining and using equipment and supplies-including standards of use)
  • Review email, Internet and voicemail use; explain University Wireless Services (UWS - the UofA Wi-Fi system)

Review Action Steps

  • Verify SIN
  • Provide employee with their Person ID and CCID
  • Explain how to obtain a ONECard and its use
  • Explain that an invitation to complete their Benefits Enrollment Online will be emailed to the employee's U of A email address.
  • Provide security access/set up passwords

Introduce Key Policies and Practices

  • Review UAPPOL and outline specific policies every employee should know
  • Review department policies relevant to the employee
  • Define dress code, workspace neatness and decorating limits
  • Review practices related to personal telephone calls, computer use and visitors
  • Review how to handle confidential information

Develop Supervisor – Employee Relationship

  • Explain your responsibilities, current priorities and how the employee’s job supports them
  • Discuss how you will communicate with each other (including feedback)

Clarify Next Steps

  • Review the appropriate Human Resources information with new employee
  • Identify job specific training and assist the employee in the registration process (including new staff Orientation)
  • Provide information about meetings and other events on the employee's calendar