Guides for Managers

First Weeks

As the new employee gets more familiar with their position, their co-workers and the University, take the time to further introduce them to critical information. Meet with the new employee regularly to keep the lines of communication open. Answer questions.

Introduce Performance Development

  • Explain how the employee’s performance will be evaluated (structure and process)
  • Inform employee about the probationary period guidelines
  • Explain feedback model used
  • Establish goals and provide regular feedback

Other important information

  • Introduce other useful University websites (directory, resources etc.)
  • Institute-wide publications
  • Introduce Acronym list

Continue to meet regularly

  • Debrief training, meetings and events
  • Discuss concerns if any and identify new needs
  • Introduce challenges that may emerge and plan how to meet them
  • Review the orientation plan. Make necessary changes