Managers and Supervisors Frequently Asked Questions

This Frequently Asked Questions guide is designed to help Managers and Supervisors understand the General Illness and Medical Leave processes, from the notification stage through to your staff member's recovery and return to work, and to direct you to additional information and resources.

What are my responsibilities when a member of my staff is on a Medical Leave or General Illness Absence?
Heads of academic and administrative units, including Deans, Chairs, Directors, Assistant Chairs, Managers and Supervisors, play a key role in their staff member's medical absence, health recovery and return to work process.

For specific information regarding our roles and responsibilities, please refer to Manager and Supervisor Roles and Responsibilities for Absences Due to Illness/Injury.

Who is Homewood Health and what role do they play in General Illness and Medical Leave?
As a University of Alberta staff member, during a Medical leave you are eligible for health recovery and return to work support services from Homewood Health Inc. (HHI) and HRS/ODEH. Homewood Health is a Canadian, private health management company. They are a leader in their industry and their services focus on helping people and organizations get better. HHI offers a unique and comprehensive continum of care that ensures people get the help they need, when they need it. With over 130 years of experience in physical and mental health and addictions, they create, innovate, and collaborate every day to improve care and improve lives.

What support is available to me?
HHI's Health Support Consultants (HSC) and ODEH's Return to Work Consultants (RTWC) will provide support to Managers/ Supervisors throughout the staff member's General Illness/Medical Leave and in the return to work process.

Your Human Resource Partner (HRP) and/or department HR Manager are available to assist you in managing illness leaves ensuring General Illness and Medical Leave provisions in the various Collective Agreements are followed. To contact your HRP visit Find your HR Contact.

Homewood Health provides Employee & Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) for the University of Alberta. Is there a link between the EFAP and the Case Management Support teams?
No. The Health Support Team is a completely separate division of HHI, with different locations, computer systems, computer servers and staff. There would only be interaction between an EFAP counsellor and the HSC with expressed written consent from the staff member.

Are these services available only if a Staff Member is off work?
No. If a staff member is at work but has a health issue or injury that is impacting his/her ability to complete his/her work responsibilities effectively, the HSC can provide support and assistance to help him/her proactively deal with these issues while remaining at work.

Referrals to support a staff member in remaining at work can be made by the staff member, managers, directors, deans as well as human resources or unions/ professional associations. Contact HHI by faxing 780-429-1747 or by emailing An HSC will then get in touch with you to discuss the specific situation and offer advice and assistance.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?
We encourage you to fully discuss any concerns directly with your HSC or your ODEH Return to Work Consultant.
For advice and assistance with the process, you may contact your HR Partner or department HR Manager.
If your concerns are not addressed by these means or if you have a concern about the service or program, please contact ODEH at