Managing during COVID-19

Managing safe returns to campus

View the managing safe returns to campus page.

Managing employees working remotely

View the managing employees working remotely page.

Support for leaders

If you’re concerned about the mental health and wellbeing of a faculty or staff member due to worrisome or troubling behaviour, and they are not responding to your offers of support, consider contacting Helping Individuals at Risk (HIAR).

HR Administration

How to get a record of employment for hourly, auxiliary hourly and casual employees

If there is no work assigned or scheduled for hourly employees, notify Human Resource Services at and advise:

  • the employee name, position, employee ID and job record number
  • the last day worked
  • the reason for discontinuing work (e.g., lack of work, department or program closure, etc.)

Once their final pay has been processed and payroll is confirmed, HRS will process their ROE and submit it to Service Canada.

How to get a record of employment for NASA employees

Complete the applicable eForm or pay action form and submit it to Once their final pay has been processed and payroll is confirmed, HRS will process their ROE and submit it to Service Canada.

Paying employees during the pandemic

Refer to the Employee Leave and Pay Guidelines for information on pay continuance and leaves for each employee group during COVID-19.

Academically employed graduate students with graduate teaching assistant (including principal instructor) appointments, graduate research assistantship appointments, and graduate research assistantship fellowships will continue to be paid until the conclusion of their current appointments.

Contact your HR Partner or Faculty Relations Officers for guidance.

Employees without pay should be encouraged to explore federal income support programs.

HR forms

Human Resource Services is unable to accept paper forms while directed to work remotely. Scan or photograph completed forms and submit them by email:

We are accepting Pay Action Forms with physical and digital signatures and/or email approvals.

Please ensure your approval indicates the name of the person and job action, for example: “I approve the attached hire form for James Smith” and the email must show the approval from the person responsible for approving the form.

Please share this with any employees who process forms.

Vacation and vacation carryforward

Although social distancing and travel restrictions mean that employees may have to change upcoming vacation plans, collective agreement provisions and university policies related to accrual, use, and carryforward of vacation continue to apply.

  • Support staff - see UAPPOL policy about managing staff vacation
  • Management and professional staff can carry forward up to five days of vacation time. Excess time can be carried forward with written consent of the dean or vice-presidents.
  • For Administrative Professional Officers (APOs), Temporary Librarian and Professional Staff (TLAPS) and Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS), vacation carry-over must get the pre-approval of the vice-president (APO/TLAPS) or the appointing officer (TRAS). See the collective agreement for more details.
  • Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) in Career Status and T12 status appointments can carryforward vacation only after they have the dean’s consent.
  • Other categories of employees do not have vacation carryforward.

Carryforward requests and approvals must be granted before the end of the vacation year (June 30 for academic staff and MAPS). Each unit, faculty and department should assign a role to collect and submit a complete list of academic or management and professional staff with carryforward requests so they can be approved by the dean or vice-president.

Managing foreign nationals

Some restrictions now apply to foreign nationals who plan to work at the University of Alberta.

Visit our managing foreign nationals during COVID-19 page for information about:

  • Changes to work permit conditions that allow foreign employees to start new positions immediately
  • How to withdraw an offer
  • How to extend resident status

More information on specific situations can be found on the IRCC Coronavirus Special Measures web page.