Engaging employees

Leaders, managers and supervisors have an important role in engaging employees as they return to campus. Reintegration to the physical worksite from remote working arrangements or temporary layoff includes not only planning the logistics for return, but also considerations for how to re-engage staff in on-campus work.

Before employees return, define the immediate priorities and expected work impacts. 

  • Clearly identify the work priorities. What are goals for the first few days and weeks?
  • Consider what activities changed during the remote work phase. What work ceased and now needs to be re-established? Are there particular steps required to start up this work? 
  • Consider what must be done differently to comply with health and safety guidelines. Has the work changed and if so, in which ways? What restrictions or adjustments need to be followed?

Reinforce any conditions as outlined in your Return to Campus Plan:

  • Ensure that staff are aware of which work activities will gradually resume and when.
  • Any adjustments to normal duties or work schedules temporarily during ramp-up to normal operations? Depending on how work is to be assigned, there may be collective agreement provisions to consider. Your HR Partner can provide guidance. 
  • Connect employees working on campus with those still working remotely. Is the required equipment available? Do you need to purchase mics, webcams, or other technology? 
  • Scheduling requirements. Is there a need for an alternating schedule to reduce occupancy and ensure physical distancing requirements? 

Please ensure you review these pages in detail: