Returning to Campus - Planning and Logistics Preparations

The safe and orderly return of staff to our campuses will require a coordinated effort. 

General directives setting out required safety measures have been prepared to guide faculties, departments and units who wish to have activities resume on campuses. Our priority is the health, safety and well-being of our faculty, staff, and students. 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic Level 3 University Emergency status, on-campus activity must be approved to ensure compliance with Government of Alberta public health requirements. Before on-campus activities resume, faculties, departments and units must be able to meet the health and safety requirements as outlined in the directives.


The following currently only applies to:

  • managers or supervisors of essential services, 
  • research projects that cannot be conducted remotely, and 
  • approved limited work on campus under certain circumstances (e.g., access to equipment or inadequate work space at home).

STEP 1: Evaluate whether it is time to bring your staff back to campus

As the University prepares for Fall term, you may feel it is time to bring some or all of your teams back to working on campus. 

Consider objectively the reasons for bringing staff back to work on campus and be prepared to explain why a particular role is required to report to work on campus.

  • Which employees are needed on campus, and why? 
    • Are some employees needed on campus before others?
    • Are staff needed on campus full-time, or could some work continue to be done from home?
    • Does the team require in-person connections to function optimally? 
  • Are there operational needs that cannot be met remotely?
  • Are there equipment or materials that are only available on campus?
  • Who in your faculty, department, or unit has the authority to direct employees to return? 
    • What are other workgroups in your faculty or administrative units doing? 
  • What is the timeline for a return? 

STEP 2: Complete a Return to Campus Plan

It is everyone’s responsibility to review and follow the current health restrictions and protocols by reviewing the information on the COVID-19 website and the Alberta government COVID-19 website. Ensure you and your employees have read and understand the information. 

To have your team return to campus, leaders must: 

  1. Review the Safety Measures General Directives and ensure health and safety requirements for each of the categories outlined are met.
  2. Ensure required health and safety measures are in place, including personal protective equipment (as may be required), physical barriers, cleaning supplies, and other control measures.
  3. If you determine that it is necessary to bring some or all of your team back to campus, complete required documentation to seek approval for return to campus, including the Return to Campus Plan. It assists supervisors in considering all requirements necessary for a safe return to campus. Each work area is required to complete this plan before bringing staff back to the workplace.
  4. Determine when to recall employees from temporary layoff. Staff who have been temporarily laid off will return to work on the recall date specified in their temporary layoff letter, or may be recalled sooner. Recall considerations will be based on objective operational needs as determined by the University.
  5. Ensure each returning employee completes the Returning to Campus COVID-19 e-training course. All returning employees are required to complete this e-course.
  6. Have a plan to track who is working on campus and in what location(s) as per the directives.
  7. Prepare directional or instructional signage as required and post before arrival of staff.