What to expect during the return to campus

Recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic response will not be static. Plans for return to campus will need to be flexible as circumstances change. Resuming work on campus will be difficult for some employees, and forces outside of their control may impact their ability or willingness to return.

It is possible that we will have to return to remote work at some point. A contingency plan for immediate return to remote work should be in place.

Employees may experience increased absenteeism as we adjust to the new normal. Keep good attendance records. Understand the requirements for reporting illness. If absences are significant, speak to your HR Partner about options to manage attendance.

Employees will need flexibility to attend to personal and family responsibilities. Familiarize yourself with the various leave provisions available to employees. See Returning to Campus Planning and Logistics Preparations for more information.

Conflict may be present in your workgroup. Personal and work stressors, feelings of guilt or loss from colleague layoffs, fear of getting sick, and organizational changes will impact how employees interact with each other. Set expectations about workplace behaviour and be prepared to manage issues. Seek guidance from your HR Partner if conflict arises.

Productivity may be affected by the return to campus work. Staff will need to take time each day to clean their work surfaces and shared equipment. Staggered schedules may require more frequent hand-off of work. You may find you spend more time addressing questions and concerns. As staff adjust to the new working arrangements, productivity will increase.

You and your staff will have many questions. It’s okay to not know the answers. Note the questions and commit to getting back to them. Seek support from your supervisor and your HR Partner to address these questions.