Vacation and carryforward

Although social distancing and travel restrictions mean that employees may have to change upcoming vacation plans, collective agreement provisions and university policies related to accrual, use, and carryforward of vacation continue to apply.

  • Support staff - see UAPPOL policy about managing staff vacation
  • Management and professional staff can carry forward up to five days of vacation time. Excess time can be carried forward with written consent of the dean or vice-presidents.
  • For Administrative Professional Officers (APOs), Temporary Librarian and Professional Staff (TLAPS) and Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS), vacation carry-over must get the pre-approval of the vice-president (APO/TLAPS) or the appointing officer (TRAS). See the collective agreement for more details.
  • Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) in Career Status and T12 status appointments can carryforward vacation only after they have the dean’s consent.
  • Other categories of employees do not have vacation carryforward.

Carryforward requests and approvals must be granted before the end of the vacation year (June 30 for academic staff and MAPS). Each unit, faculty and department should assign a role to collect and submit a complete list of academic or management and professional staff with carryforward requests so they can be approved by the dean or vice-president.

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