Before Your Employee Starts

Review and distribute the role-specific onboarding support materials: 

Key components to complete prior to your new employee starting include:   

Pre-boarding activities

  • Schedule and host a welcome call (video or phone) with the new employee.
    • This call will allow the new employee to ask questions and get clarification (e.g. clarify timing and location of arrival, where to park, transit options, work permit, banking information and more).
  • Send pre-arrival preparation information (i.e., appointment letter, confidentiality agreement, statement of ethical conduct brochure, unit welcome letter, maps, parking information, etc.).
  • Explain your employee’s staff category and share the compensation calculator.

Plan the welcome

  • Identify an onboarding peer coach for your new employee.
  • Supervisor, hiring manager, department onboarding lead, and peer coach are all briefed on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Plan welcome meetings, activities, and tours.
  • Send an announcement to your team welcoming the new employee and outlining roles and responsibilities (send to the new employee too!).
  • Add employee's name to contracting, distribution lists, website, shared directories, Google Drive, etc.
  • Plan for your new employee's first assignment, including defining what success looks like, establishing milestones, and providing necessary training and support.

Prepare identification and security

Prepare the workspace

  • Ensure workspace is clean and operational with required supplies.
  • Prepare the phone, mailbox, computer (remove previous incumbent's personal information, printers).
  • Review medical workplace accommodations information if the employee has requested them.

Design a development plan

  • Identify development requirements to support competency and development, and ensure necessary training is scheduled.
  • If you are onboarding a staff member in a service provider or service leader role, use the UAT service providers skills framework and UAT Skills Framework eClass site to design the development plan. We encourage users to engage with the method that best suits their learning style and individual preferences. For assistance accessing the eClass site, please contact

The onboarding resources are currently being reviewed to increase effectiveness and enhance user experience. Stay tuned for updates on the revised resources! If you have any feedback in using these resources, please reach out to us at