First Day

Providing a welcoming first day sets a positive tone for the new employee and your department.

Introductions and orientation

  • Personally welcome the new faculty or staff member and overview the onboarding plan.
  • Conduct a peer coach- or leader-led tour.
  • Host a team introduction.

Clarify the job description and context

  • Meet with your new team member
  • Review the employee’s job card—discuss roles, responsibilities, expectations and fit within the team and organization.
  • Review mission, vision, goals and priorities, and overview the institutional system, structure and culture.
  • Explain initial assignments and describe what success looks like. 

Initiate training and worksite onboarding 

  • If you are onboarding a staff member in a service provider or service leader role, provide the link to the UAT skills framework self assessment and UAT Skills Framework eClass site. We encourage users to engage with the method that best suits their learning style and individual preferences. For assistance accessing the eClass site, please contact
  • Discuss workplace norms and expectations, including how-tos, working hours, time off requests, supplies, dress code and communication systems. 
  • Provide safety and emergency information (first aid supplies, reporting, muster points, emergency information, etc.) and make them aware of tools/training available in the Environment and Safety section. If the employee is in a supervisory role, ask them to complete the Environment, Health and Safety Supervisory Training.
  • Review job location/project hazard assessments.
  • Review practices related to telephone calls, email signatures, computer use and visitors.
  • Review how to handle confidential information.

Confirm completion of access action steps from the New Employee First Day Resources

  • Provide any requisite security access and associated passwords.

Key policies and practices

The onboarding resources are currently being reviewed to increase effectiveness and enhance user experience. Stay tuned for updates on the revised resources! If you have any feedback in using these resources, please reach out to us at