2020 HR Report to the University

Engagement identifies opportunities for leaders to create the conditions for individuals and teams to excel and grow

Human Resources piloted an employee engagement survey before launching a university-wide survey to assess our workplace culture.

Learning opportunities support staff in performing at their highest level of excellence

A broad range of professional development resources ensure faculty and staff can thrive and grow. An online portal and virtual events make it easy to learn remotely during the pandemic.

Access to health recovery services reduces short-term illness duration

HR manages thousands of return-to-work cases to proactively support employees following an injury or illness. We've been able to significantly reduce the length of short-term illness absences.

New workplace impairment policy helps employees and supervisors understand their responsibilities around impairment and addiction

Supervisors and employees are legally required to protect their own and others' health and safety. Our policy helps keep our workplace safe, and ensures faculty and staff understand their responsibilities.

Honouring the contributions of faculty and staff increases engagement and motivation

Our recognition opportunities help our faculty and staff feel valued and more connected with their work at the university. In addition to our long-service celebrations, a new e-card app allows employees to appreciate one another safely in a remote work environment.

New health and wellbeing information guides leaders and employees about psychological and physical safety in the workplace, even while working remotely

We've shared the 13 risk factors that affect employees' safety—physically and psychologically. Each of us has a responsibility to understand our role in making the U of A a safe and healthy place to work.

Supporting the university during times of crisis

HR played a major year in supporting the university through crisis after crisis in 2020. We guided leaders and counseled colleagues. We advised emergency response teams. We grieved collectively.

Attracting and retaining the best talent

What does it take to bring the best people to our faculty and staff team? Find out how we attract the best talent and deliver an exceptional employee experience.

Support for leaders ensures equitable and strategic approach to resource planning for departments and faculties

HR helps U of A leaders plan their people resources and processes. We offer strategic support in change management, lay-off decision making, job evaluation and goal setting.

Using technology to improve the client experience

We're streamlining the HR client experience using technology. As a result, faculty, staff and leaders get faster and more efficient information and support from our department. A new compensation calculator helps with budget decision-making as well.