Strategic Plan


As trusted professionals, we serve our community by delivering creative, responsive, innovative, and effective human resource solutions that support outstanding accomplishments from the university's faculty, staff and leadership.


We create a human resource culture where all members see themselves as valuable and integral contributors. Aligned, skilled and client-focused, we promote and exemplify excellence in human resource services and practices.

Priority Areas and Goals

Advancing the Institutional Plan

Goal: To serve as a trusted advisor and resource in advancing the vision and objectives of the institutional plan, For the Public Good

Delivering Exemplary Service

Goal: To transform HRS service culture, service delivery and business processes

Leading by Example

Goal: To exemplify excellence in human resource practice and create a healthy, productive workplace culture

Ensuring Financial Stewardship

Goal: To ensure financial sustainability and effective use of resources



We have clear, reasonable expectations for performance and are accountable for meeting those expectations.


We participate fully in the life of the university. We seek to understand how and why decisions are made. We seek input from all levels of the organization and take advantage of opportunities for input into decisions that affect us.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

We contribute to institutional excellence through our diversity in knowledge, world views, identities, and experience. We model fair and just treatment to foster an inclusive culture that is welcoming, supportive and respectful for all.


We seek and take advantage of opportunities to develop our skills and abilities and for career growth and change.


We are creative in our search for new and better ways of achieving excellence.


We are honest, transparent, sincere and worthy of trust.


We consider our clients in all that we do. As collaborative partners in achieving the university's vision and goals, we are committed to providing our clients with proactive, responsive, efficient and caring service, expert advice and innovative solutions.


We work collaboratively to achieve the university's goals in an environment that reflects diversity, values different perspectives, and encourages the free exchange of ideas.


We treat each other fairly and respectfully. We work in a healthy environment and support each other in maintaining work-life balance and developing the resilience to deal with change.