Retirement Celebration

The Retirement Celebration, held annually, provides an occasion to honour members of the University community who have or who will be retiring.


All University of Alberta staff members who have or who will retire within the calendar year will be recognized at this celebration. The event will also recognize those who elected to retire following the previous years event cut-off period.


A formal ceremony and reception is held in May.


Recipients will receive a framed, personally engraved print of a University of Alberta heritage building.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Celebration?
The University holds an annual Celebration that recognizes all staff and faculty members who have or who will retire from their roles within the calendar year.
The Celebration is not intended to replace any celebrations that happen at a faculty or department level.
When does the Celebration occur?
With the Celebration being an annual event, we try to hold the event in May to capture those who may have left early in the year and in advance of those leaving towards the middle to end of the year. The date of the function varies year to year and is dependent on scheduling and room availability.
How will I know if I will be recognized?
The university will send out invitations to the home mailing address of those who will be honoured each year. We will also send an email to honourees as a "hold the date".
What will I be asked to do?
When honourees receive their invitation, they will be asked to RSVP. They will also be asked to provide some information for our retirement booklet should they wish. Information we are looking for includes; length of time at the University, favourite place on campus or favourite memory.
Can I bring a guest(s)?
Yes, we welcome honourees to bring friends and family to share the Celebration with them. Please RSVP in advance with the number of people you hope to bring. This will help us plan appropriately to ensure there will be enough space for all recipients to bring guests, should they wish to do so. Guests are welcome to bring their cameras. There will not be an event photographer at the Celebration.
What happens at the Celebration?
There is a brief program at the Retirement Celebration which generally consists on a few speeches from the University administration and the staff associations. The speeches are followed by a gift presentation to each honoree from the University. If honourees prefer not to be part of the public presentation, they can still receive their gift after the formal portion of the program concludes. The presentations are followed by a reception where hors d'oeuvres will be provided. There will also be a cash bar.
What is the gift?
The university commissions a water colour print of one of the Universities building. The print is framed and personalized with a plate. If individuals would prefer not to receive the gift, they may indicate their preference when they receive their invitation. At this time, there is no alternative gift available.
If I am unable to attend, how can I get my gift? Due to the fragile nature of the gift, our goal is to have the gift collected wherever possible. If no other alternative exists, we will explore shipping it however we can not be responsible for any damage that occurs in shipping.
What is the attire?
There is no specific attire required for the Celebration. Please wear what you are comfortable in. Business to business casual is appropriate for the afternoon Celebration.