Support Staff Recognition Award

In July of 2003, the University of Alberta launched an annual celebration to recognize outstanding members of its support staff and the extraordinary contribution they make to the university.

We invite you to participate by nominating an individual who has demonstrated an energetic commitment towards the continued success of the U of A. The award is designed to not only recognize the excellence with which one carries out their day to day duties/activities, but also numerous other ways one represents the university in a positive manner.


Employees can be nominated from across the university, not just your own faculty, department or administrative unit.

The nominee must:

  • be an active U of A support staff member employed for 12 consecutive months on either a full-time or part-time basis.
  • be nominated by two university employees. The award is intended as peer recognition, so  managers can not be the primary nominator for their own staff member, but are encouraged to support the nomination.
  • meet the criteria.

Awards are presented annually and are chosen from the following categories:

  • Business/administration/finance/clerical (max 2)
  • Technical/information systems (max 1)
  • Transport/maintenance/utilities/trades (max 1)
  • Health (max 1)


Nominations are to be received between July 1 to September 30.


Presentations to recipients will be made annually at the Celebration of Service.


The information listed below provides an outline of the criteria for the award. The selection committee is looking to gain an understanding of who the nominee is through the nomination. Successful submissions will be chosen from those nominations that articulate how the nominee meets and exceeds the criteria through examples and personal stories.

Please attach letters of appreciation or summarizing accomplishments if applicable.

  • Outstanding Ambassador for the University of Alberta
    • Outspoken ambassador of the University of Alberta
    • Exhibits pride in both their role, their college/faculty and the university as a whole
    • Elevates the university’s image through engagement with others
    • Displays an awareness of the university’s mission, vision and values throughout their work
  • Brings the best of themselves to the performance of position responsibilities on a regular basis
    • Consistently high level of performance in their regular position responsibilities
    • Exhibits superior organizational and leadership skills, minimizes delays, ensures timely follow up 
    • Continually strives for excellence
    • Focuses on continual process improvement and areas of efficiency
    • Demonstrates responsibility for decisions and actions
    • Champions university projects, programs and strategies, and proactively shares knowledge with team members in response to emerging issues and administrative changes
  • Contributes to a culturally and psychologically safe environment within faculty, department or administrative unit
    • Interacts with co-workers and colleagues (students) in a respectful and supportive manner
    • Exhibits high levels of energy and commitment to faculty, department or administrative unit
    • Suggests creative ways to resolve problematic situations
    • Retains a sense of humor in any situation and sees mistakes/failure as an opportunity for growth
    • Recognizes others for their accomplishments and contributions in the manner comfortable for the individual
  • Valued team member contributing to a healthy work environment
    • Consistently brings out the best in others
    • Assists new staff and colleagues to integrate into the work environment
    • Is one from whom others seek guidance and advice
    • Contributes to a collaborative and safe (psychologically, culturally and physically) team
    • Exemplifies a positive role model for others
    • Encourages and celebrates sound ideas for enhancing workplace well-being

Process + Submission

Nomination forms must be submitted by September 30. This includes the completed Google form Nomination, with two letters of support from campus community members that are knowledgeable about the nominee’s contributions. 

While the nominations for the award closes in late spring, the award adjudication will occur in early fall and the awards will be presented at the Celebration of Service in late fall/early winter.

Nomination Form