Employment and Permanent Residency Letters

Employment Letter

An employment letter is provided to active employees that require financial verification of employment income, including proof of employment from the University. Other forms of financial documentation that can be used to satisfy financial confirmation requests are pay statements and annual tax slips which can be found on Bear Tracks, the CRA Notice of Assessment provided after you file your annual personal tax return, and offer letters.

Employment letters are not issued for individuals in receipt of a scholarship and/or fellowship or to be used for previous employment references.

The following information is provided on each employment letter:

Position/Title This field references the Job/Position Description in PeopleSoft HCM
Department/Faculty This field provides information of the department where your appointment resides
Position Status This field provides information on the hours worked per week or hours depending whether the appointment is full-time or part-time
Employment Dates This field indicates the start date of your current employment with the University. An end date will also be included for all fixed term appointments
Salary This field provides your current compensation, which is stated in annual, semi-monthly, or hourly rate depending on the appointment type

Permanent Residency Letter

A permanent resident is an individual who has legally immigrated to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen. Permanent residents are citizens of other countries. If you are working through your permanent residency application, one of the documents that may be required is a proof of employment.

The following information is provided on each permanent residency letter:

  • Specific periods of employment
  • Number of Hours worked
  • Total gross earnings (including scholarships, bursaries and fellowships)
  • Positions held during periods of employment/engagements
  • Time spent in each of the positions outlined above

Requesting a Letter

If you require an employment letter or a permanent residency letter, please download and complete the Request for Employment or Permanent Residency Letter and submit your completed form by email, mail, or fax to:

Payroll and Benefit Services, Human Resource Services
2-60 University Terrace, University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB T6G 1K4
Email: payroll.operations@ualberta.ca
Fax: (780) 492-3800

If you require a letter from the University for reason other than outlined above, please explain your requirement in a detailed email to the Payroll and Benefit Services Department at payroll.operations@ualberta.ca.