Before You Begin


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Congratulations on your new role! To prepare for your first day, review the information below. The Employee Onboarding Checklist and Resources Guide offers a detailed account of typical pre-boarding activities, required documentation, and what to expect in your first 90 days. Save a copy of this document as a tool to keep track of important tasks associated with your onboarding journey. Your supervisor may have additional activities that can be added to your Employee Onboarding Checklist.

Overview of pre-boarding activities and required documentation

  1. Complete any required pre-arrival documentation.
  2. Sign your appointment letter, confidentiality agreement, and statement of ethical conduct.
  3. Prepare for a welcome meeting with your supervisor. During this informal meet and greet, you will have the opportunity to build rapport, learn about what to expect during the first week, discuss logistics for your first day, and ask questions.
    • Think about what information will be beneficial to you as you prepare
    • Prepare a list of any questions you have that require answers prior to your first day
    • Ensure you ask about access to your work location (some buildings have card access).
    • If you are working remotely, or in a Work From Home arrangement, discuss the steps you will need to take to get yourself set up.
    • Ensure you have a scheduled time to arrive on your first day, where to go/meet, and contact information for your supervisor.
  4. Review the Campus Safety Checklist.
  5. Review the Safety Measures General Directives.
  6. Review the benefits plans and total compensation for your position so you are prepared to ask clarifying questions.
  7. Review information about the U of A Employee Orientation Course (required completion within the first 30 days for new employees).
  8. Enroll in the Faculty and Staff Orientation Event.
  9. Enroll in the Service Excellence Training Program (service staff only).
  10. If applicable, plan your work commute. If you drive, you may need your appointment letter to apply for a parking permit. If you take transit, map out the nearest stop to your work location. If you bike, visit the Bicycles on Campus page.