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Academic and Research Services

Copyright Office

The University of Alberta Copyright Office educates and supports U of A faculty, students, and staff on all issues related to copyright in teaching and learning, research, and scholarly communications.

If you are a new instructor or researcher, or new staff assisting an instructor or students with copyright-related inquiries, please see the "Welcome, new instructors!" guide on our website, and for more information, please visit:

For more general copyright information, see the U of A’s Opening Up Copyright Instructional Modules

For any inquiries, or if you’d like to arrange a meeting or consultation, please email us at"

Grant Assist Program

The Grant Assist Program (GAP) supports the University of Alberta investigators in developing highly competitive proposals for Tri-Councils and other major competitions.

We are peer mentors, experienced researchers who will work with you to strategize for, and develop the strongest possible submissions. Contact us for:

  • Strategic advice: Peer mentoring, aligning research proposal with funder’s requirements, grant laddering, academic content, knowledge mobilization/translation, and research data management.
  • Grant-crafting: Group sessions to improve grant genre literacy and grant writing proficiency.
  • Grant application development: Proposed research project/program concept assessment, proposal peer review, editorial review, occasional research assistant and graphics support.
  • Research team and sponsor relations development: Facilitation of networking opportunities between researcher-colleagues and between researchers and funders.
  • Grant support coordination: Engagement with relevant and complementary units at the University of Alberta to enhance proposals.
Postdoctoral Fellows Office

As trainees, postdocs at the U of A are neither students nor staff members and as such are represented by two special organizations here at the University of Alberta: The Postdoctoral Fellows Association and the Postdoctoral Fellows Office.

The Postdoctoral Fellows Office (PDFO) that has been designated to register the PDFs at the University and to provide formal administrative services to meet the needs of our postdoctoral fellows to help foster their research training and professional development to help prepare them for the next step in their career. In addition, we act as a conduit between Postdocs, Faculty, Human Resources and other areas on campus.

Research Services Office

The Research Services Office’s mission is to provide the University’s research community, partners and sponsors with professional, client-focused research administration while meeting the requirements of research funding sponsors and supporting the University’s vision and mission. In short, the RSO helps the U of A research community find, apply for, receive, and manage research funding.

For more information on the services provided, and to subscribe to the e-newsletters, please visit the Research Services Office website.

TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton helps transform high-tech discoveries into viable business opportunities. Through our business services, TEC Edmonton provides assistance with technology evaluation, intellectual property protection, business plan development, marketing research, corporate management and funding preparation.

TEC Edmonton is the University of Alberta’s exclusive technology transfer agent. A unique not-for-profit enterprise, TEC Edmonton is a joint venture between Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) and the University of Alberta.

University of Alberta Press
Established in 1969, UAlberta Press is a contemporary, award-winning publisher of scholarly and creative books distinguished by their editorial care, exceptional design, and global reach. Our diverse and far-ranging scholarly, trade, and literary publishing program includes publications on the Canadian West and North, literary criticism, Indigenous studies, regional topics, oral histories, the environment, travel narratives, and reference books. In addition to meeting our academic commitment to publish scholarly monographs, we take seriously our broader mission to showcase Canadian culture by publishing literary works including fiction, short stories, and poetry. UAlberta Press publishes, markets, sells, and distributes books in traditional print editions as well as in a variety of electronic formats. The Press builds community and advances knowledge among scholarly and literary readers across the region, the country, and globally.

Clubs and Associations

Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta

The Association of Academic Staff University of Alberta (AASUA) includes seven constituencies: Academic Faculty, Administrative Professional Officers (APO), Academic Teaching Staff (ATS), Faculty Service Officers (FSO), Academic Librarians, Temporary Librarian, Administrative Professional Officers (TLAPS), and Trust/Research Academic Staff (TRAS).

The association’s purposes, as set out in its bylaws, are to: Advance and protect the individual and collective interests of academic staff members at the University of Alberta; protect the independence of thought and freedom of teaching and research; provide an environment appropriate to the purposes of the University of Alberta and the enhancement of the quality of education in Alberta and Canada; act as the sole negotiating agent for members of the Association in establishing a collective agreement governing terms and conditions of employment; and, act as the representative of Association members when there is a dispute between the member and the University in matters of interpretation of the terms of the collective agreement.

AASUA is active in negotiating and administering the contract agreements, monitoring and influencing internal university governance, and participating in activities at both the federal and provincial level, which affect universities. Call 780-492-5231, e-mail or visit

Academic Women’s Association

The purpose of the University of Alberta Academic Women's Association is to provide:

  • a forum for advocacy to improve the status and conditions for women on campus
  • opportunities for networking and nurturing among women from different disciplines and at different levels of their academic careers
We offer awards as well as community initiatives. For more information visit
Faculty Women’s Club

The Faculty Women’s Club (FWC) was founded in 1933 to provide opportunities for faculty wives and faculty women to socialize. Through its wide range of interest groups, and membership-wide social events, it offers fun, friendship, social events and support to its members. Membership is open to active or retired women staff and women who are partners of active or retired academic staff, including APOs, Faculty members, FSOs, Librarians and Sessional or Faculty Lecturers.

The annual membership fee is $50 per year but this year the fees are waved as in person membership events are currently on hold. Many of the 22 interest groups are still running in various ways, some are meeting in person when social distancing protocols are in place such as golf, walking groups and tennis. Some groups are continuing to be active using e-mail or other technology such as Zoom.

For more information, about interest groups and membership forms, please visit:

Non-Academic Staff Association

NASA is the legally recognized bargaining agent for the support staff working on the University of Alberta campus. It negotiates the terms and conditions of employment for over 6,000 operating, trust, ESL instructors and casual employees. In addition, the union provides its members with advice and assistance in many areas including: problem-solving with respect to rights under the collective agreement, health and safety issues, WCB difficulties, benefit needs - to name only a
few. NASA is an open, democratic organization controlled directly by our members who elect an executive.

Under the direction of the elected Executive, NASA staff manage the day to day functions of the Union. In addition to the Executive, NASA also has Union Stewards on campus who are available to provide assistance to members. While all support staff pay dues, membership confers voting privileges.

For more information and to apply for membership visit To contact the NASA office please email

Postdoctoral Fellows Association

As trainees, postdocs at the U of A are neither students nor staff members and as such are represented by two special organizations here at the University of Alberta: The Postdoctoral Fellows Association and the Postdoctoral Fellows Office.

The executive committee of the PDFA is made up of democratically elected fellow postdocs. Each year we fundraise to organize networking, professional development and social events for you. We work to raise awareness of who we are and what we do, across campus and in the community at large, provincially and nationally. The PDFA also negotiates the terms and conditions of employment for postdoctoral fellows and provides members with advice and assistance. To learn more, get in touch, or get involved email or visit

The University Club
The University Club has been in operation since 1964 as the focal place on campus to dine and socialize on campus.  The University Club serves as a common meeting place for the University’s faculty, staff, alumni and graduate students to promote friendship, fellowship and intellectual association amongst the members and guests.  Feel free to come into the Club and ask about our membership deals and benefits or check out our website You can find our contact information here:


External Relations – Marketing

External Relations - Marketing delivers brand stewardship and marketing activities to strengthen the university brand by heightening awareness and visibility of the university and its story in local, national and international markets and building a comprehensive university reputation upon which recruitment, fundraising and partnerships, among other university objectives, can grow.

The Marketing & Communications Toolkit is designed to support the university community and includes the standards, templates, logos and trademarks information needed to accurately represent the university. 
The Quad – Where UAlberta Meets Online

As the University of Alberta’s official faculty and staff blog, The Quad is a digital space that keeps the university community up to date on the latest happenings, news, and more from across the U of A’s campuses.

Our contributors come from across the U of A’s campuses, disciplines, and units. They include members from all levels of the academy and the professional staff who support the institution’s day to day activities. Their opinions are their own, and their stories are all a part of the University of Alberta’s narrative.

Faculty and Staff can also expect to receive the latest stories and news once a week via The Quad e-newsletter. See the latest at:

Community Support

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility Resources promotes an accessible, inclusive, and universally designed environment at the University of Alberta. We serve prospective and current students, as well as staff and faculty with wide disabilities affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and physical or mental health. Individuals with documented disabilities are connected to the resources, supports and reasonable accommodations needed to achieve full their potential.

We all share responsibility for the reasonable accommodation process. We offer expertise and support in facilitating accessible environments, reasonable accommodations, universal design, adaptive supports, and cognitive strategies for individuals with disabilities in teaching and learning environments.

Services for Staff and Faculty Members: In keeping with the University of Alberta's commitment to employment equity, Student Accessibility Services collaborates with Human Resources Health Safety and Environment, who coordinate support for staff and faculty members with disabilities, by providing direct services and collaborating in the delivery of others.

Common areas of support to U of A employees:

Communication Support: Sign language interpreting and real-time captioning services (CART) for staff and faculty members, who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Adaptive Technology Support: Assessments of staff and faculty members with disabilities, who may benefit from the use of adaptive technology or other specialized equipment, as well as training in those technologies or use of those devices.

Reasonable Accommodation Fund: Accessibility Resources collaborates with Human Resource Services, who coordinate the administration of the Reasonable Accommodation Fund (RAF) for staff with disabilities.

Visit our website more information at

First Peoples House

Standing true to our beliefs as First Peoples and guided by our cultural teachings, First Peoples House provides an environment of empowerment for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (FNMI) learners to achieve personal and academic growth.

Our vision is to demonstrate our commitment to the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit student community on campus and provide services that reflect this responsibility. We will continue to honour the Indigenous worldview of education as a continuous ceremony of learning by respecting and supporting the voices and spirit of our student community at the University of Alberta

Please visit our website for further supports and services:

Helping Individuals at Risk Program

The Helping Individuals at Risk (HIAR) Program encourages the campus community to “Trust Your Instincts”; to recognize and report worrisome behaviours of those at risk of harm to self or others. HIAR provides a confidential centralized location for reports of worrisome behaviours in order to connect situations that may otherwise seem to be isolated, to assess the worrisome behaviour, and to connect Individuals at Risk to resources before a situation escalates.

To share concerns about worrisome behavior, please contact 780-492-4372, or visit the website at

Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services – Safe Spaces
The Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services (iSMSS), part of the Faculty of Education, is a hub for sexual and gender minority research and community outreach. The student service, Safe Spaces, is provided by iSMSS with the goal of making campus an inclusive place for LGBTQ
students. It includes supports such as a staff network encompassing all faculties to help support students. iSMSS also offers a monthly Speakers’ Series on LGBQT topics and has a unique resource room full of fiction and non-fiction queer media which students and staff are encouraged to check out. Visit:
Safe Disclosure and Human Rights

The Safe Disclosure & Human Rights Office provides a confidential, neutral, safe place for members of the University community to disclose any concerns about the application of University policies, ethical codes and operating standards of practice. The Safe Disclosure and Human Rights Advisor ensures that the University Community is aware of their human rights and the various processes in place to resolve any infraction of those rights.

If you have questions or concerns relating to topics such as safety violations, financial mismanagement, discrimination or harassment, contact or call 780.492.7325. Visit: 

U of A International

Driven by the University of Alberta's vision to connect with the world, University of Alberta International (UAI) provides services to students, faculty, staff and the city's communities to support the creation of an internationally vibrant learning and research environment. UAI’s broad suite of services assist and support internationalization and international engagement throughout the campus community.

UAI works to:

  • recruit and retain international undergraduate and graduate students
  • enhance the international student experience
  • connect faculty, students, and staff with international opportunities on-campus and abroad
  • develop and maintain international relationships, partnerships, and projects that enhance teaching, research and community service.
More information: Contact:

Employee Benefits and Pay

Child Care Services

The University of Alberta has a partnership with Kids & Company, one of Canada's leading providers of accredited, corporate sponsored child care. Kids & Company is currently accepting registrations for those who wish to secure services. Registration and arrangements are made directly with Kids & Company. To register for services or for additional information, please visit Child Care Resources.

Eligible academic staff members can submit child care expenses for reimbursement under the Academic Child Care Benefit. Additional information on the Child Care Benefit can be found on Child Care Resources.

The Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP) also has resources to help you arrange for the child and/or elder care that your family needs.

Funding and Reimbursement Programs

Manages funding for professional development for Support Staff and Academic Staff

  • The Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) provides eligible Support Staff funding for learning opportunities (courses, workshops, seminars, in-school apprenticeship training or programs) that will: enhance their capacity to perform work, prepare for an expanded or different role, or enhance employee wellness. Programs approved under HRDF must be intended to improve an employee's quality of work life, prevent personal illness or injury, or reduce benefit cost associated with personal illness or injury.
  • Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) is an annual entitlement of eligible Academic Staff members and is made available for the direct pursuit of the member’s professional, teaching or research responsibilities. Claims must be accompanied by original receipts or paid invoices. 
Payroll and Benefit Services

Payroll and Benefit Services specializes in the timely and accurate payment and reporting of salaries, wages, scholarships and other payments to employees, students, post-docs and colleagues as well as the administration and reporting of several benefit and pension plans. Each new staff member who is eligible for benefits is scheduled by their department to complete forms to enroll them in the applicable benefit programs (except PDFs—they visit the Postdoctoral Fellows Office).

Payroll, benefits and pensions inquiries can be directed to the Staff Service Centre. The Pay and Tax Information and Employee Benefits sections of the website serve as an excellent resource for locating payroll deadlines, salary scales, information on self-service options, up-to-date information about benefit entitlements, as well as a news areas where changes to benefit plans are shared.

Tuition Remission Program
As part of the benefits for eligible employees, the University offers tuition remission for University credit courses. Amount of remission covers tuition only. Non-instructional fees, books and other supplies are the responsibility of the employee and must be paid by the Fee Payment Deadline. For details on the tuition remission, please consult your Collective Agreement. For any inquiries, please contact Amy Selewich, Student Payment Coordinator at (780) 492-0761 or

Forms are available on the Tuition Remission web page.


Annual University of Alberta United Way Fundraiser

University of Alberta faculty and staff have been supporters of the United Way for over thirty years. Together, the university community has shown its support for the Alberta Capital Region by giving our goodwill, sharing our own stories of compassion, and by uplifting our neighbours, families, and friends in need through gifts to the United Way. There are three ways you can help support our United Way campaign – Give. Share. Uplift.

Give – Donations can be made online during the annual campaign. During the campaign period, employees will receive a personalized donation link via email. Donations can also be made by visiting:

Share - We share our expertise, our creativity, and our innovations every day at the U of A, but we also share our stories of charity and support. Volunteer as a U of A United Way Ambassador to help out.

Uplift - You can help to strengthen the culture of charitable giving by sharing your stories of good will and philanthropy with your peers or by joining, or even hosting, a fundraising event of your own. Visit the U of A’s United Way website to learn more about hosting a United Way fundraising event in your unit.

Please visit:

Office of Advancement

Your gift makes a difference! Being a part of the university community, we have the rare opportunity to witness our gifts in action. We work with the students and researchers who directly benefit from our donations, and can see the impact we’re making in our community and around the world.

Office of the Annual Fund: Donations to the Annual Fund provide direct and immediate financial support to the current needs of students and researchers. Our program reaches out to over 150,000 alumni, friends and donors for support through multi-channel methods including direct mail and emails. Funding provided through the Office of the Annual Fund are important as they are spent throughout the year on immediate areas of need.

Gifts can be made online, by phone or by mail – every gift made to the U of A is tax deductible. Many faculty and staff choose to give monthly visa payroll. For more information visit or call 492-7587.

Hospitality and Dining Services

Dining Services

The University of Alberta’s Dining Services provides a range of services and facilities that help make our campus an attractive and inviting environment for staff, students and visitors. Just as the University’s first building, Athabasca Hall, provided for the dining needs of staff and students when it opened in 1911, our campus today has dining facilities, services and products that are tasty, nutritional and convenient.

Check out to find locations, view our weekly menus, and look up nutrition information and to find out about upcoming special events.

Hospitality Services (Conference Services, Guest Services and Classic Fare Catering)

Looking for an ideal location with the perfect combination of functional facilities, excellent food and affordable accommodation, all within your budget? We can help! Choose from a variety of venues. Conference Services manages Lister Centre, classroom bookings for external events and meeting space at Peter Lougheed Hall. Universities are fast becoming locations of choice for more and more meeting planners.

Whether you prefer the unique academic environment, the beautiful scenery, the advanced technology, or just something out of the ordinary, hosting a conference or an event on campus is a great idea! Think of us for your private family event from weddings to baby showers, from birthday celebrations to retirement BBQs, we can do it all!

And there's still more: need help with conference management, logistics, or on-line registration?
Whether on- campus, downtown or in the mountains - our Conference Management experts will make it easy for you.

For more information on the facilities and services available, please contact our office for assistance.
Phone: 780‐492‐6057 Email: Website:

Human Resources

Staff Service Centre
Shared Services supports you with HR and finance activities and forms. Visit the Staff Service Centre to view services and connect. 


Strategic and Transformational Change
We provide strategic consulting services in the areas of strategic planning and transformational change to faculties, departments, divisions, central units, and the institution to support the achievement of our clients' strategic initiatives and goals. Learn more about Strategic and Transformational Change.

Learn and Move

Campus and Community Recreation

Campus and Community Recreation (CCR) offers over 500 diverse and high quality programming to U of A staff, students, Alumni and community members. Our programs range from Intramural leagues to a variety of recreational classes such as fitness, dance and martial arts. Campus and Community Recreation also host a large number of special events throughout the year, such as Turkey Trot, Big Pink Volleyball and Winter Walk, where all are welcome to participate. We also offer Summer Camps for children and teens that cover a diverse range of recreational activities, such as climbing, aquatics and more! Campus & Community Recreation also works closely with K-12 schools by providing "Active U" School Fields Trips that provide the opportunity for children and youth to participate in a wide variety of activities in the spring. CCR strongly supports it's student community and provides
student employment opportunities and assistance with our student-run Club Sports.

For more information, please visit

You can find their contact information here:

Centre for Teaching and Learning

Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was formed from the merger of University Teaching Services and e-Learning Services. The result is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the university community that provides expertise and assistance on any teaching related need and/or development.The Centre for Teaching and Learning will transform learning experiences through leadership and informed support. We will achieve this by:

  • Connecting with learning communities
  • Cultivating engagement through research and innovation
  • Linking teaching methods with effective uses of technology
  • Offering high-quality support for existing and emerging e-Learning technologies

Our services include: New Professor Orientation, Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation, Teaching Certification, Teaching Enhancement, e-learning tools and many other resources. We also administer the Celebration of Teaching Excellence recognition program. For more information, visit our website at, email or call 492-2826.

Centre for Writing

The Centre for Writers (C4W) offers free, one-on-one writing support to all staff, faculty and students at the UofA – in any subject, and with any type of project (letters, résumés, reports, creative writing, grant proposals, presentations, etc.). Trained tutors can assist with projects at any stage of the writing process—brainstorming, organizing ideas, finding and citing sources, etc.—and are ready to help native speakers of English and ESL/multilingual speakers.

The C4W also offers workshops, personalized tutoring, online tutoring, and writing groups to all staff, faculty, staff, and students at the UofA, and will provide customized writing support. C4W is not a remedial, "fix-it” shop, their aim is to help everyone improve their writing skills. Visit:

Faculty of Extension

The Faculty of Extension is the University of Alberta's hub for continuing and professional education, offering both individual courses and full credentialed programs tailored to individuals at different stages of their careers and personal lives.

Located in downtown Edmonton at Enterprise Square, Extension develops and delivers more than 300 courses and 40+ continuing and professional education programs to 7,000 adult learners, with over a thousand classes offered every year.

A significant number of courses (and full programs) are offered online; in-class courses are offered through flexible delivery options including daytime, daytime condensed, evenings, and weekends. Areas of programming include technology, business and leadership, communications, public sector, applied sciences, Indigenous relations, languages, arts, and more. Programs range from short professional development series to full certificate and diploma credentials.

Employees at the University of Alberta can apply to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) toward continuing education courses and programs offered at the Faculty of Extension. To learn more about the opportunities available to you at the Faculty of Extension, please visit us at

Human Resources Health Safety and Environment Leadership and Professional Development

Leadership and Professional Development team in Human Resources Health Safety and Environment exists to inspire learning and the courage to change so that individuals and teams can reach their potential. We provide innovative leadership and professional development opportunities and consulting services to support faculty, staff, leaders, and teams in developing the core competencies necessary to thrive in their current roles, build capacity for future career growth and contribute to the success of their team and faculty/department.

Learn more about Learning and Development.

Information and Privacy Office

The Information and Privacy Office at the University of Alberta was created to assist the University to operate in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. The mandate of the office extends to:

  • Advising on policy development with regard to access to information and protection of privacy.
  • Ensuring procedures are in place to protect personal information and to provide access to information upon request.
  • Providing education to departmental staff on appropriate responses to privacy legislation.
  • Assisting individuals in requests for information to the records held by the University.
For more information visit or call 492-9419.
Technology Training Centre

Since 1997, the Technology Training Centre (TTC) has been training university employees, faculty, and students in computer and software training. The centre offers standard desktop application training ranging from Microsoft Office to the Adobe Creative Suite along with offering customized one-on-one or group training.

All courses at the Technology Training Centre are eligible for Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). To get started today simply visit or call 780-492-1397.

University of Alberta Library

Welcome to one of the largest and most unique research library systems in North America. The University of Alberta Library (9 specialized libraries, 1 academic centre, and RCRF archives and storage) within the NEOS consortium of government, hospital, college and university libraries throughout Alberta provide you with access to:

  • over 11 million items (e.g. books, periodicals, videos, music, maps, gov’t documents, data, statistics)
  • online access to more than 60,000 journals, 900 subscription databases, and 1.92 million ebooks
  • specialized data collections
  • 100,000+ rare and unique special collections volumes.
    We aim to collect (and assist you in finding) the most up‐to‐date, credible, and relevant information for your research, courses, job requirements, and interests. Subject liaison librarians provide personalized services including:
  • research consultations
  • individual/class library workshops
  • publication consultations (including Open Access)
  • making your research and data accessible - e.g. our Education and Research Archive digital repository (ERA) and UAlberta Dataverse
  • purchasing requests from faculty, students, and staff
Visit in‐person or use email/phone/chat. For details, click the yellow AskUs! button on

On-campus Services

Affiliated Child Care Centres
The University is proud of our affiliation with the six day care centres surrounding our campus community. These non-profit and Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services (AELCS) accredited child care centres are governed by individual volunteer Board of Directors comprised of parents and community members. For information on these centres visit
ONEcard Office

ONEcard is the official University of Alberta ID card. It is a multi-purpose card which serves the UofA community like campus door access, copy and printing, libraries, parking and transit, ONEcard Cash and more. You can access accounts online, by visiting their website and using their self-service features to review and deposit funds, review balance history, or report a lost/stolen card.

Please visit the ONEcard website to find information on hours of operation, and how you can obtain a ONEcard. Further questions can be directed to

Parking Services

Parking Services maintains the University's parking facilities, and we provide a range of parking services to staff, students and visitors. We can assist you with a variety of guest and special event services, we provide information to campus visitors, and for your safety and convenience we enforce the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Please browse our website for information on our services, or contact our office directly to arrange for event parking.


The Students’ Union Safewalk Program provides a safe and reliable alternative to walking alone at night on and around campus. Our service is free of charge and is available to any member of the university community – undergrads, graduate students, staff, and faculty.

To use Safewalk, just call 4-WALK-ME (492- 5563) and give the dispatcher your name, location, destination, and the time you would like to be met. Our dispatchers will send a team to meet you and walk you anywhere within our extensive boundaries (from the river south to 72nd Avenue and east to 91st Street, as well within 10 blocks of any LRT station). The Safewalk Program has a new policy in place that allows the team to walk clients who have been drinking alcohol, which may helpful information for staff who work on student events.

Our hours of operation are (Currently not operating due to COVID-19):

  • September/October and March/April: Monday–Friday 7 p.m.–12:45 a.m; Sunday 7 p.m.–10:45 p.m.
  • November to February: Monday–Friday 6 p.m.–12:45 a.m.; Sunday 6 p.m.–10:45 p.m.
University of Alberta Bookstore

The University Bookstore is more than just textbooks! We offer a full range of stationery, U of A crested clothing, gift items, computer accessories, and much more. Need some swag for your faculty or event? We're here to help you promote your team or make your event shine with custom clothing and promotional items. Shop online at or stop by the store and check out our full selection today.


SUBprint is a full-service printing facility open to all members of the University community as well as the public and local businesses. We offer digital printing in black and white or full colour, binding services, large format printing from 24" – 60" wide, and banner stands. We also produce the University of Alberta coursepacks sold in the Bookstore.

SUBprint can produce orders in small or large quantities, in black and white or full-colour, on a variety of media. Learn more. 

Safe and Healthy Workplace 

Employee and Family Assistance Program
The Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provides confidential psychological counseling and support services to all faculty and staff on campus. This service is designed to support individuals dealing with personal, family or work-related issues. The EFAP provides a variety of services to complement counseling, which support individual physical and mental health and wellbeing. Please visit the Assistance Programs section of the Employee Benefits page to learn more and to find out how to access these important resources.
Human Resources Health Safety and Environment Dis/ability Management and Return to Work
Human Resources Health Safety and Environment offers support for staff members coping with health issues that are affecting or could potentially impact quality of life and/or job performance, disability management and rehabilitation support, return-to-work planning and coordination, Accommodations for medical reasons, Long-Term Disability administration. For inquiries relating to health recovery, disability management, please contact
Human Resources Health Safety and Environment Health and Wellbeing

Human Resources Health Safety and Environment offers programs, services and education to support health and wellbeing for faculty and staff.

You will find information on topics that impact individual wellbeing such as stress, resilience, childcare and family care, nutrition, fitness and specialized information about chronic health issues. Health and wellbeing learning opportunities include online and face to face programming that vary in length from Lunch and Learns, which are bite-sized introductions to important health and wellbeing topics, to longer workshops allowing you to deepen your understanding. Topics could include mental health in the workplace, respect at work, change, resilience and many more. Please visit the Health and Wellbeing section of the Learning and Development webpage to learn more.

Environment and Safety

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) has expertise in resources for lab safety, hazard management, emergency preparedness, and training. In particular, if you have a role involving the supervision (either formal or informal) of other staff or of students, please take the Supervisory EHS Professional Development course to learn about your responsibilities and accountabilities in terms of safe workplaces. Please visit their website for more information.

University Health and Wellness Services

We are committed to the delivery of innovative prevention, education and health & wellness services in partnership with the University community. We offer a wide range of general and specialist medical and psychiatric services.

  • The University Health Centre, located in the Student’s Union Building (SUB 2-200) provides a comprehensive range of medical services to the U of A community including general medical services, immunizations, dietary counselling, travel consultations and specialists in podiatry. The Health Centre operates on a drop-in basis, and patients can access services with a valid ONEcard and health insurance card. For more information visit the website: 
  • Counselling and Clinical Services provides accessible, compassionate, and confidential psychological and psychiatric services to all U of A students. (Note: Our counselling and psychiatric services are not available for staff and faculty. For those supports, please see Homewood Human Solutions - Employee and Family Assistance Program)
  • The Sexual Assault Centre, located in the Student’s Union Building (SUB 2-705) provides free and confidential counselling, accompaniment and advocacy for students affected by sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence or stalking. The Centre can also provide consultation, prevention education and professional disclosure training for U of A staff and faculty. Website: 
  • The University Health Centre Pharmacy, conveniently located in the Students’ Union Building (SUB Main Floor–University Bookstore), is a full service pharmacy dedicated to serving all students, staff and faculty at the U of A. The Pharmacy will fill prescriptions from any physician licensed in Canada and offers a range of injection services and over-the-counter products.
For more information regarding our services, hours of operation, location and access, please visit our website at or email


Energy Management and Sustainable Operations

Energy Management and Sustainable Operations (EMSO) is part of the Utilities division of the Facilities and Operations department at the University of Alberta. EMSO works to minimize the University of Alberta’s impact on the environment on behalf of all members of the university community. In addition to leading the university’s multi-million dollar energy management program, EMSO’s interdisciplinary team works with other units in Facilities and Operations to encourage and
support the incorporation of sustainability initiatives into all areas of the university’s operations.

EMSO works with many partners on focus areas related to resource stewardship and environmental conservation, including:

  • Climate change
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Green buildings
  • Food
  • Transportation

EMSO also encourages members of the university community to incorporate sustainability into their own daily activities through the Green Spaces certification program, the green labs leader’s network, campus sustainability grants, and other research and project collaborations.

You can reach EMSO by email at, on the web at, or reach one of their coordinators by phone at 780-248-1489.

Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council promotes and enables sustainability scholarship at the University of Alberta. We work with all disciplines to animate the university’s deep pool of expertise in sustainability. Through events, experiential learning, leadership and academic programs, we are building a community dedicated to solving pressing human and environmental challenges.

If you would like to get involved with the Sustainability Council—or you just want to follow our updates—please join our Affiliate Network. All academic staff (including faculty, instructors, adjuncts, post-doctoral fellows and librarians) are welcome to join. You will join a vibrant community conversation, and gain access to funding, collaboration opportunities, and resources for sustainable scholarship.

To learn more about the Sustainability Council's Affiliate Network, please get in touch:
w: e: t: 780-492-9289

Sustain SU

Sustain SU runs a number of programs that are accessible to staff and students.

  1. Farmers Market. Hosted by Sustain SU, the Farmers' Markets bring together campus community members to explore the world of local, organic, sustainable, and fresh food. Local vendors are eager to engage the clientele in discussions of their products, processes, and success stories, so Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) to SUB every second Thursday for your dose of groceries and community engagement.
  2. Reusable Dish Program. Plates are provided to campus groups as a means of reducing the environmental impact of your group or organization's activities. If you are interested in borrowing some plates to use for an event, meeting, conference or any other food-related activity, Sustain SU will lend you plates for free! All you have to do is contact us to arrange a booking and pick-up.
    • plastic dinner plates (up to 600)
    • plastic appetizer plates (up to 140)
    • plastic bowls (up to 55)
    • plastic cups (up to 150)
    • water pitchers to serve tap water (up to 6)
  3. Bike Library. The Bike Library rents bikes to campus community members (students, staff and faculty). We have approximately 60 bikes available for rental on a one month, or short-term basis. Our bike selection ranges from mountain bikes, cruisers, road bikes and various hybrids. All Sustain SU bikes come equipped with a U-lock, front and back light, and a bell. The bike rental season begins in early April and shuts down in late October.
  4. Campus Gardens. Students, staff, and community members are all welcome to participate in this garden project. Garden volunteers are responsible for prepping, planting, maintaining harvesting the garden. If you would like to become a volunteer gardener, please sign up for our newsletter and drop in to garden hours!

Finance, Procurement and Planning

Finance, Procurement and Planning

Finance, Procurement and Planning - Your ONE-STOP-SHOP to address all of your business needs: Procurement & Contracts Management, Payment Services, Custom Services, Distribution Services and Travel. Contact us when you need to purchase goods, process payments, send or deliver goods...we've got you covered! PROBLEM SOLVED! 

Finance, Procurement and Planning Travel Management
Finance, Procurement and Planning Travel Management offers you affordable options for your next business trip or group booking. Do you like to book your own flights, hotels and car rentals? Do you like to save money? Do you need to use your UAlberta Travel Card or personal credit card? PERFECT! We can help! Use the UAlberta on‐line booking tool to access savings and yes, it's FREE! Access the University discount airfares with both WestJet and Air Canada and their partners. Use central billing programs; TAP and HAP forms to pay for airfares and hotels. Remember to SAVE $$$ by using the University Travel Agency. Check our Intranet site: (CCID required).

Technology and Printing Services

Burke Group

Campus Office – Digital output center

Services Provided:

  • B/W and color copying and duplicating
  • Exam printing
  • Thesis production printing and binding
  • Poster printing

Location: B-31 Cameron Library, University Of Alberta
Phone: 780-492-9637

All Stationery items can be ordered online at 

Any questions regarding online orders please contact:

Donna Freake at 
Phone: 780-733-9775

For all other printing needs please contact:

Scott Williamson – Account Manager
Phone: 780-497-0097

Information Services and Technology (IST)

Information Services and Technology (IST) is your central point of contact for localized, custom support and services whether you are a student, faculty, researcher or staff on campus at the university, or affiliate locations across Alberta. Your individual needs are covered including assistance with CCIDs, UWS (university wireless service), Google Apps (email, calendar, etc.) and printing (printer support and ONEcard printing).

In addition, we provide specialized support for faculty and employees in the areas of test scoring, client support and campus phone service. Contact IST through 780-492-9400, by chat, or by email

Things to Do

UAlberta Art Shows

Live theatre: U of A Studio Theatre showcases a company of Canada’s leading university theatre students in acting, directing, theatre design, vocal coaching, technical theatre production and stage management with faculty and distinguished professional guests from across Canada. All U of A Studio Theatre performances take place at the Timms Centre for the Arts (112 Street & 87 Avenue).

Mainstage concerts: Experience U of A Music’s mainstage concerts featuring elite music student ensembles, choirs, bands, the University Symphony Orchestra, faculty players and vocalists with professional international guest artists. Mainstage concerts take place in Convocation Hall, located in the picturesque Old Arts Building on the U of A campus and at The Winspear Centre in downtown Edmonton at 4 Sir Churchill Square.

FAB Gallery exhibits: The Fine Arts Building Gallery (1-1 FAB, U of A) presents art and design exhibitions featuring work by students, faculty and staff, as well as contemporary and historical artists with international reputations. Free admission.

For What's On in the Fine Arts at UAlberta, see:

University of Alberta Botanic Garden

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden (formerly the Devonian Botanic Garden) is a stunning 97 hectare (240-acre) property located in Parkland County, 15 minutes southwest of Edmonton, with cultivated gardens and plant collections, indoor showhouses, and extensive natural areas.

The U of A Botanic Garden is an award-winning visitor attraction, a research site, and home to year-round adult and children's education programming.

A spectacular new feature, the Aga Khan Garden, Alberta, was opened in 2018. The 4.8 hectare Mughal-inspired garden, made possible by a gift from His Highness the Aga Khan, features secluded forest paths, granite and limestone terraces, still pools that reflect the prairie sky, waterfalls and streams. Fruit orchards extend around the large Calla Pond, and the garden contains more than 25,000 trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and wetland plants.

Other highlights of the University of Alberta Botanic Garden, which was established in 1959, include the Kurimoto Japanese Garden; a Tropical Showhouse with exotic butterflies; Temperate and Arid Showhouses; alpine, herb, rose, peony, lilac, lily and primula collections; Indigenous Garden; trial beds and much more. The Garden’s collections include a wide diversity of plants, with an emphasis on plants suitable for a cold northern climate, including ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, trees and shrubs.

The University of Alberta Botanic Garden is a unit of the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. The Garden is located in Parkland County, 5 km north of Devon on Hwy 60, only 15 minutes from the west end of Edmonton.The garden is open to visitors May through Thanksgiving, and during winter for special events. Visit or call (780) 492-3050.

University of Alberta Fine Arts: Drama, Music, Art & Design

The Fine Arts is the vibrant face of the Faculty of Arts; often where the public first meets Arts and the most tangible expression of how Arts delivers the University of Alberta’s promise to “Uplift the Whole People.” There are many opportunities for the University of Alberta community to explore curiosity and creativity in all its diverse dimensions, with UAlberta artists and their artistic expressions attracting and engaging with large audiences.

We encourage new staff to take in the broad range of affordable cultural events on campus including the U of A Studio Theatre, the Department of Music’s mainstage concert series and other free performances throughout the year and check out the free exhibits in the FAB Gallery inside the Fine Arts Building, on the ground floor beside the LRT / transit station on 112 St.

For details of What’s On in the Fine Arts, see

University of Alberta Museums

The University of Alberta Museums consists of 29 diverse museum collections housed in departments across campus. From art to zoology, more than 17 million objects are used to fuel discovery and advance knowledge through teaching, research and community outreach. We provide advisory services and training in exhibitions, public programs, collection management, and conservation issues. We administer a campus-wide museums and collections policy under UAPPOL, and act as a liaison between the collections on campus and the broader community.

University of Alberta Museums Galleries at Enterprise Square (10230 Jasper Ave) is the ideal location to see the latest exhibition from the University's vast collections. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday 12 p.m.–6 p.m. and Saturday 12 p.m.–4 p.m. Visit: