Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and the Field Research Office (FRO) publish the following newsletters:

  • Published six times/year
  • Contents include hazard management resources, incident descriptions and lessons learned, suggestions and tools for workplace inspections
  • Intended for supervisors including managers, senior administrators, and anyone (staff or student) who oversees the work of others at the University of Alberta


  • Published monthly
  • For U of A researchers, staff, and students that conduct field research
  • Past issues available here


Safety Bulletin for Supervisors: Archive

  • Chemical Round-Up & Safety Stand Down: lessons learned
  • Laser retrofit project
  • New CL-2 guidelines
  • U of A vehicle use
  • Safety Stand Down
  • Tips for a Safety Moment
  • The Chemical Round-Up
  • Field Research Information Sessions
  • Federal regulatory reporting
  • Needle stick injury
  • Lithium-ion battery overheating
  • New HAWApp tools
  • Costs of chemical mismanagement
  • Tips for inspections
  • Safety on slippery surfaces
  • Hazardous waste pickup
  • HSE committees
  • Safety considerations for returning to work on campus
  • Changes to the OHS Act
  • Expired peroxide formers
  • Working outdoors
  • Assigning corrective actions
  • Walk-in freezer near miss
  • Working from home annual inspection
  • Day of Mourning