Field Incident Response

First Steps

  1. Perform any needed first aid.
  2. Contact the appropriate Emergency Medical Services (e.g., local ambulance, STARS) if necessary for assistance and/or evacuation. Plan ahead to call STARS.
  3. In case of a serious incident, call U of A Protective Services at 1-780-492-5050. This line is monitored 24/7 and accepts collect calls. Protective Services will provide assistance in contacting others (e.g., the U of A emergency response team, HSE, emergency contact numbers, etc.)
  4. Report the incident online to HSE and if applicable WCB. 

Other Field-Related Incidents

University of Alberta (owned or leased) motor vehicle collision involved in an accident?

  • If off-campus, report first to the Police Department/RCMP where accident occurred.
  • Report any vehicle damage to U of A Protective Services regardless of severity by phoning (780-492-5050) or visiting their office.

Firearm Incidents

Whether accidental discharge, injury or death to a person or non-research animal, property damage or theft of a firearm, you need to follow the Firearms Incident Reporting Procedure and fill out the Firearms Incident Reporting Form.

Wildfire Related Incidents

Refer to our Wildfire Preparedness information.