Key public health restrictions affecting field research

  • Masks are still required where social distancing can't be maintained (indoors or in field vehicles, public transportation and ride-sharing)
  • Personal hygiene and cleaning requirements

Currently permitted field research, with appropriate public health safety measures:

  • Approved field research within Alberta, including off-campus community-engaged or human participant research
  • Approved field research projects outside of Alberta (see below)

Process for field research requests within CANADA as of July 1, 2021

Step One: Complete and submit the Field Activities Plan (FAP) or the Human-Participant Research Field Activities Plan (H-FAP). Be as comprehensive as you can. For COVID-19 protocols, be aware of the provincial health orders at the time of your research and include them in your FAP/H-FAP.  Pre-COVID-19, FAPS were generally approved by the PI on the research project.  

Step Two: Check with your faculty/department if your FAP requires approval from them and if so, send the FAP or H-FAP to your faculties for approval ONLY.

All community-engaged and human participant-research is required to also contact the Research Ethics Office for re-assessment against current community and public health and safety protocols.

No review or approval for any off-campus field research activities in Alberta and within Canada is required from the Public Health Response Team on or after July 1, 2021. 

All field research activities should meet current and future COVID-19-related restrictions issued by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health.  If researching outside of Alberta but within Canada, make sure to check that province or territories' current restrictions.   

If you have any further questions or concerns not covered here, researchers are asked to contact their Associate/Vice-Dean (Research), or the FRO at

international research 

For the most up-to-date information, please see the University of Alberta International Travel Directive.