Travelling out of Canada for Field Research?

  1. Read the U of A's Off-Campus Activities and Travel Policy - any off-campus activity is considered "field research"
  2. Visit the Travel Resources listed to the right for travel recommendations, advisories and immunization information
  3. Before traveling off-campus, register in the Voluntary Registration for Field Researchers
  4. If traveling internationally with students, register in UGO
  5. U of A staff and students have access to International SOS, a free emergency assistance plan
  6. Visit the U of A Travel Management program to get preferred rates
  7. Be aware of the visa requirements if field researchers are planning to "work" abroad
  8. Options for getting monies to foreign countries to facilitate field research? See the Travel Card Procedure, SMS Payment Methods and the Travel Processes & Expense Procedure.Travelling Abroad with field equipment or shipping it to destination ahead of time? Please see U of A SMS (Customs Services) specifically exporting. Also see the FAQ page.
  9. Cannabis Legalization - The effect on University of Alberta Travellers