HSE Committees

Thinking of setting up a health, safety and environment (HSE) committee?

Great idea! Committees promote collaborative work, employee participation, and continuous improvement of environment, health, and safety practices.

Who can be a member?

Your committee should reflect the size and diversity of your department and the nature of your work and should include representation from the following:
  • Management: decision-makers who demonstrate leadership and commitment
  • Employees in supervisory roles or those with a comprehensive understanding of the department
  • Others with safety-related competencies (e.g. department safety designates)
  • An HSE representative (no voting privileges)

How to get started

  1. Prepare terms of reference
  2. Prepare an annual plan and add items to the action tracker throughout the year; monitor to ensure competition
  3. Contact HSE to book a committee orientation session

Don't forget: communication is key

  • Demonstrate trust and respect
  • Talk and listen to each other
  • Make decisions collaboratively