Hazard assessment web application

What is it?

The Hazard Assessment Web application (HAWApp) is a convenient online tool that can be used to identify, evaluate, and assign controls to workplace hazards. 

Why use it?

The HAWApp guides you through the process of hazard assessment and helps you to identify your hazards, assess the risks, and assign appropriate control measures. Once you publish a hazard assessment, it can be viewed, used, and copied by others with the same departmental access. It also acts as an electronic file storage facility and allows you to download a pdf report of the hazard assessment that can be printed or emailed to colleagues.

How to get started

  1. Contact your faculty or portfolio HAWApp administrator to help set up your account. Let them know that you'd like to use the app and they will have an invite sent from eCompliance, the platform provider of the application. You will then get an email from eCompliance inviting you to select a password and input your phone number. You will then be able to login to the app by clicking the LOGIN button on the upper right of the main eCompliance website (www.ecompliance.com).
  2. Once your administrator has provided you with access to the HAWApp, log in here.

If there is no administrator listed for your unit, contact hse.info@ualberta.ca

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