Field Activities Plan

What is a Field Activities Plan (FAP)?

The Field Activities Plan is a University of Alberta Word template that if filled out appropriately will ensure you meet your responsibilities and obligations under the U of A Off-Campus Activity and Travel Policy and the Occupational Health and and Safety legislation.

How do I get started?

Follow the steps below to create your FAP:

  1. Complete the brief eLearning course, "Creating a Field Activities Plan." You'll learn:
    • Why and when to create a FAP
    • What goes in a FAP
    • How to conduct a hazard assessment for field research
  2. Use the FAP template to build your own
  3. Review your FAP regularly and update as necessary as changes in hazards or controls occur. '
  4. Conduct your daily tailgate meetings and talk about additional hazards and mitigation or controls added. Record these in your Daily Field Safety Log Book!

 Take the FAP eLearning course!