Family Support — Employee and Family Assistance Program

Childcare and Parenting Services

Be the best parent you can be! These services provide helpful tools, support, and guidance for parents to help their children grow to reach their full potential.

Elder and Family Care Services

Be in control of your work-life responsibilities! These services assist with pointing you in the right direction if you are caring for an elderly or ill relative.

Family mediation

Resolving disputes in our personal relationships sometimes requires the assistance of someone who is not immediately or personally involved. Mediation services can assist with separation, divorce, blended families, parenting, eldercare or sibling issues.

Busy Family Resource Locators

Finding and choosing the right professional care for your child or for a family member can be a major challenge. Busy Family gives you immediate access to the most complete, impartial and current information on personal and family care providers.

Cultural Transition Support

These services are designed to support you and your family throughout the relocation process and offer support with respect to making the cultural transition once your family has relocated. Contact the EFAP for more information.

Online course

Visit a complete list of online learning courses at Homeweb. Register for Homeweb when accessing for the first time.

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