Personal Wellbeing — Employee and Family Assistance Program

Nutritional Counselling

Eat right and feel great! This program has you working with a nutritional counselor to sort through the nutritional information out there and develop a dietary plan that works for you.

Fitness Consultation

Do you have concerns about your nutrition? Does your busy schedule cause you to make poor nutritional choices? Are you concerned about your weight, cholesterol levels, heart health or diabetes? You are eligible to access up to two hours of personalized nutritional education, at no cost, with a dietitian/nutritionist who can assess your current situation, make recommendations, and assist in building an action plan and planning a menu.

Legal Advisory Services 

Do you have legal questions? You and your eligible dependents can access up to two hours of legal consultation per concern.

Financial Consultation Services

Ensure your financial house is in order! You and your eligible dependents can access two hours of financial counseling per year. This service can help you with debt management, planning your child's future or setting up a savings program.

Jump Start Your Wellness

Get fit and healthy—and feel great! This service provides a comprehensive online, self-directed approach to healthy living. The programs are supported by a certified life coach and provide access to an online wellness handbook, healthy living tools and resources, and goal-setting exercises.

Smoking Cessation

Be a healthy, happy ex-smoker! This program addresses the psychological and physical dependence relating to smoking and creates a foundation for successful behavior change.

Online courses

Visit a complete list of online learning courses at Homeweb. Register for Homeweb when accessing for the first time.


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