On the Job

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Professional and Personal Development 

Having the ability to influence, inform and improve the work environment is all of our responsibility.  Healthy workplaces encourage continued growth and lifelong learning.  

Our Employee and Family Assistance Program provider offers a variety of self-paced and self-directed e-courses on a variety of health and wellbeing topics;  

Faculty and Staff                    Leaders 
  • Embracing Workplace Change 
  • Leading the Human Side of Change
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Managing Sensitive Employee Issues
  • Taking Control of Job Loss and Transition
  • Supporting Respect in the Workplace
  • Taking Control of Your Career
  • Fundamentals of Effective Supervision
  • Values-Based Leadership

A number of university providers, including Learning and Professional Development offer courses on topics such as leadership development, skills development and competencies. 

Available course listings can be found online via the Learn Centre.


The University of Alberta recognizes that without the contributions and dedication of faculty, staff and students we would not be the institution we are today. To celebrate and acknowledge those people who have made an outstanding impact on the University, there are formal recognition programs including the annual Celebration of Service, as well as the annual recognition awards.

In addition to formal recognition the University supports informal recognition. 
Recognition tips for supervisors
Recognition tips for everyone 
Recognition e-cards 

Additional Initiatives and Resources

Healthy University Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan for EDI

Indigenous Initiatives