Past Recognition Award Recipients

2018 Recognition Award Recipients

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 13, 2018 - Myer Horowitz Theatre

APO, FSO, MAPS and Librarian Recognition Award

Amy Dambrowitz - Assistant Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

"Her organizational skills and energy are second to none so she has the capacity to take charge and run, but she also recognizes where her team members have strengths and enables them to lead and shine."

"Amy has quickly earned the respect of the staff in FGSR with her mix of hard work, kindness, and a way about her that beckons other to join her in the pursuit of great customer service, and synergistic teamwork."

"Amy's colleagues trust her with their triumphs and tragedies… We know she will bend over backwards to accommodate when we need a little extra support, and we know that she will come back to us with a request to help support fellow coworkers when necessary."

"She is considerate and while she expects hard work and strong customer service, she never expects something that she doesn't exemplify herself."


Dawn MacRitchie - Administrative Professional Officer, Occupational Therapy

"Dawn is an amazing person professionally, personally, academically and socially and she consistently brings all of this to the APO position. She is able to diffuse tense situations with ease, exhibits superior organizational and leadership skills…… She sets the bar high in all areas…"

"She jumps into delicate issues head on with a level-headed, no nonsense approach while remaining sensitive to personalities, histories and the values and mission of the department."

"Regardless of what is going on in her personal life, Dawn is always upbeat and presents a can-do attitude to everything from mundane, day to day operations to larger "big picture" projects, tasks, ideas. She is an inspiration to all of us!"

"I….am beyond grateful to be leaving my University career on such a high note by working with and for one of the most principled, honest, creative, intelligent, diplomatic and supportive supervisors I have ever worked for".


Sarah Pelletier - Director, Laboratories, Campus Saint-Jean

"Her office door is always open to students and co-workers... She always goes the extra mile to help anyone anytime by maintaining a high level of performance in all her daily tasks. Sarah is also very quick in coming up with innovative solutions for problematic situations."

"Sarah is excellent at helping new employees and teaching assistants integrate their new roles by passing on information very efficiently and by actively listening to and addressing questions and concerns."

"Sarah is an outstanding teacher and her dedication to her students and her commitment to their success does not go unnoticed. Sarah's teaching evaluations have always been excellent. She demonstrates" motivation and willingness to improve her competencies and the quality of her work…"

"She recognized other colleagues publicly and privately for their accomplishments. She is always positive, responsive, pleasant and would always greet you with a smile."


Derek Roy Brenneis - Director, Senate Office

"Derek's notion of bringing the best of "himself" is to ensure that all those around him shine…..he is never one who seeks the credit or be 'seen': rather, his job is to ensure other do. He is intuitive, watches and listens intently and ensures that his bosses exceed."

"Derek is always cheerful and positive. He sees the best in everyone he works with. Derek is respectful of and highly respected by all of his colleagues, both within the Office of the senate and Chancellor but more broadly within the University".

"He is humble and friendly but all his dealings have grace of a foreign diplomat and it is this composite of greatness and humility that makes dealing with him so inspired."

"When I think of Derek, it is impossible not to smile because he makes each person he interacts with feel like they are his only priority…..My guess is that he does not even realize that he is remarkable…"


Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Kathleen Berto -Executive Assistant, Art & Design

"The dedication and enthusiasm that Kathleen brings to her work translates to an overall positive energy in our department that has extended out to impact faculty and students across the university and in the broader community."

"…Kathleen is always incredibly patient, taking the time to be sure staff and faculty get the support they need, and also empowering them with the knowledge they need to work more independently in the future."

"She is an exceptional colleague, whose tireless work supporting our personnel and activities has been a key factor in enabling our department to excel in the realms of teaching, research and service."

"You can count on Kathleen. Her genuine enthusiasm, kindness, warmth, thoughtfulness and unfailing good humour create a pleasant, enjoyable and family-like atmosphere in our department. Kathleen is good for morale."


Amissa Jablonski - Senate Portfolio Initiatives Coordinator, University of Alberta Senate

"Amissa is an individual who spreads joy in the workplace. She is exceptionally hard working, extremely organized and is always positive."

"Amissa is also one to keep the pulse on people and their workloads. She would ask if anyone needed help, or would jump in to help ensure others in the team could meet deadlines. She was always aware when someone might need help and simply stepped up."

"Amissa has exceptional organizational skills. She anticipates situations and has contingency plans in place before others even realize they are needed. …She takes pride in her work and is constantly seeking to upgrade her knowledge and skills."

"It is a gift to a unit when someone like Amissa is part of it. She is a positive individual and her energy is contagious. She has a wonderful laugh that can raise the spirits of the team."


David King - Lab Technician, Augustana - Sciences

"Whether he hurriedly provides unexpected support during a lecture for a chemistry demonstration that has not worked right or drops everything to help fix a malfunctioning piece of equipment…David is always willing to prioritize the student learning experience."

"David is also an outstanding ambassador for the U of A. He has been involved with many community outreach opportunities for Chemistry and Science, most recently by hosting a hand-on interactive chemistry session for school-aged children during the Augustana Alumni Weekend."

"David is frequently the glue that holds Chemistry together….He is invariably cheerful and helpful, and always eager to offer help or suggestions for solving problems."

"David is the kind of role model that makes me and my colleagues proud to be part of the University of Alberta."


Betty jo Werthmann - Administrative Secretary, Faculty of education - Dean's Office

"Betty jo possesses a wealth of knowledge and has trained and guided all incoming support staff... She encourages office members to take pride in their responsibilities and be good representatives of the Faculty of Education and University of Alberta as a whole. "

"Betty jo consistently projects a warm, hospitable and cheerful attitude towards visitors, academics and support staff alike. She is also adept at resolving conflicts and difficult situations with remarkable tact. Her kindness and generosity further extends to the greater community in her efforts to organize charity drives..."

"…Betty jo has worked tirelessly and has given so much of herself to the Faculty and the University. I have been so grateful to have her work as a mentor to every new staff member who joins us…she instills in each of them the sense of pride and responsibility..."


Excellence in Leadership Award

Dr. Jeff Johnson - Assistant Dean (Education), School of Public Health

"As a transformational leader, Jeff cultivates an environment where faculty, staff, and students can flourish. He fosters an outstanding academic experience through his awareness of and attention to issues and concerns that promote a high-quality work and learning environment."

"He personally welcomes new staff and students and provides them with a tour of ACHORD and our faculty. Jeff introduces them to other staff and students…..He clarifies the roles, responsibilities, and expectations….and explains how their role contributes to the larger context of our research, faculty and University."

"Jeff demonstrated innovation and creativity in providing opportunities for faculty, staff and students to work to achieve work-life harmony. He expresses genuine interest in people's lives ….and welcomes the opportunity to discuss and adapt the work context to each individual's needs, values, and priorities."

"He believes family life and interpersonal relations in and outside of the office impact productivity….. Jeff and his family have gone as far as hosting staff and their families in their home to celebrate diversity and bridge cultural divides in order to build excellent working relationships."


Stan Szynkowski - Assistant Chair (Administration), Art & Design (honoured posthumously)

"I had the great pleasure of knowing Stan for more than 30 years and there is so much in my personal life that he had a positive effect on. The most significant of these was the way he encouraged me to feel like I was part of a bigger community…city….province and country. "

"Stan's wonderful qualities and exemplary professional credentials make him more than deserving of the Posthumous Excellence in Leadership award…he has been invaluable to us, a wise, intelligent, dedicated, dignifies and much loved ambassador for the University of Alberta…"

"He was certainly ready to do day to day work perfectly, but he also embraced new initiatives that required his best efforts and skills. As a former student in the Department he identified himself with it, and was totally committed to facilitating its growth and academic excellence".

"The Department will miss him as an endless resource, as an exceptional person, and as an example of leadership, commitment to teamwork and to supporting the needs and requests of every member."


Excellence in Learning Support

Dinuka Gunaratne - Career Education Coordinator (Graduate Students) Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research

"I have been fortunate to have had Dinuka as my mentor, I could not have dreamed of a better role model. He has always gone above and beyond for myself and many other students. He is driven by his passion of wanting every student to succeed….."

"Dinuka is a tireless worker when it comes to facilitating learning opportunities for students…..I have observed how Dinuka encourages students to think critically and independently by reminding them that the personal information is subjective."

"Dinuka's incredible sense of humour and respectful manner puts people at ease and makes them feel accepted regardless of any insecurities they may have. He stays on top of new developments in the job market and working with graduate students."

"Dinuka is always positive and encouraged me to think imaginatively, read book, focus on design thinking, think critically and independently. The level of service Dinuka provides in his role is excellent and I truly believe other graduate students are also gaining skill sets from Dinuka."


Sherry Sweeney - Team Lead (Assessment), Undergraduate Medical Education

"Sherry Sweeney is an outstanding member of our University community with exceptional support, communication, advocacy and interpersonal skills. She leads with a positive outlook and impact. She embodies the University of Alberta's promise of "uplifting the whole people" for everyone around her."

"Sherry oversees all of my med exams. She also puts students at ease with her sense of humor and quick wit. She is an incredible asset to our program and deserves to be recognized for her tireless dedication to our education."

"Sherry highlights what excellent student support should look like. She routinely goes above and beyond in every aspect of the job. She is very accommodating; an advocate for students, and her wit and humor is always a calming presence for students before exams."

"….people like Ms. Sweeney that remind of us of why we, as medical health professionals, are here in the first place: to create that same sense of connection within our patients that was offered to us."

2017 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual APO Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service December 7, 2017 - Myer Horowitz Theatre

Catherine Anley, Human Resource Services

"Catherine is a transparent and authentic person with a deep value in the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion which is demonstrated through all her interactions and through her work and how she comes to work."

"Catherine's outstanding, vibrant, energetic and positive demeanor are opening doors and helping facilitate challenging discussions, while bringing out the best in others."

"She shares knowledge, experience and insight in a humble and collaborative way, enabling learning, dissemination and knowledge uptake."

"She has an insatiable quest for knowledge and for advancing an inclusive campus."

"Catherine leads with grace, compassion and grit."


Martin Davies, Pharmacology

"Martin has a talent for building strong working relationships based on trust and respect which facilitate communication and discussion amongst all members of the department."

"He also shows great integrity when dealing with sensitive issues and has a great sense of humour which he is able to use to diffuse potentially sensitive situations and make working in the department fun!"

"Martin carries out every aspect of his work in a professional manner and leads by example in the way that he conducts himself, and in how he interacts with colleagues and students."

"…his ability to foster strong working relationships, combined with his personal integrity, sensitivity and clarity of thought, mean he is a trusted source of objective advice…"

"Having such a positive role model of collegiality and professionalism enhances the environment within our department..."


Kerrie Johnston, Chemistry

"She is a leader with empathy, who understand the powerful role of delegation, and becomes a booster for the team…"

"She applies a combination of indefatigable cheerfulness, empathy and level-headedness."

"Key to her interactions is the fact that she treats colleagues and coworkers with respect - in short, we trust her."

"Through a combination of natural talent and excellent training, it is quite clear that she has been the glue that has held together various Department functions and responsibilities…."

"Kerrie has a fantastically positive approach to her work (and her life), and I have not yet seen her "rattled" by anything that occurs."


Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service December 7, 2017 - Myer Horowitz Theatre

Darryl Hopkins, Libraries

"Darryl exemplifies the values of excellent service and collaboration through his interactions with students, colleagues, other libraries and trades people. "

"…..he is filled with a great pride for this institution, the library system and his job making him a superb representative for the U of A."

"His proactive and tireless dedication to providing his best service is what makes our libraries work!"

"Darryl is responsive to staff input and displays openness and willingness for collaboration. He consistently demonstrates an innovative and enthusiastic approach to his work"

"Darryl creates and fosters a congenial working environment in which students prefer to continue under his supervision throughout their university experience. These students are instilled with a sense of responsibility and pride which they will carry into the future."


Gloria Strathern, Law

work in the same office as her."

"I truly believe that her actions and approaches to situations have created such a positive environment in our workplace. I also believe she is more of a leader than she is aware of and her positive approach to situations is mimicked by other staff."

"What I admire the most about Gloria is how she treats people. She shows kindness, listens attentively before responding, and has compassion for those around her."

"We are very fortunate to have her, and she is part of the glue that holds us together."

She's not afraid to help out with a task, provide guidance when asked and has the ability to make people feel at ease. I'm grateful that I get to work with her, and but I am blessed to have her as a friend."


Rosa-Ileana Strelkov, Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science

"…Ileana is a high level thinker who has persistently demonstrated such a great level of capabilities and leadership qualities in assisting other researchers and particularly grad students towards solving complicated problems occurring during their research program."

"Ileana treats everyone with respect, and is in turn respected by them, resulting in excellent interpersonal relationships."

"She is willing to listen and assist others, not only with work related challenges and trouble hooting but also with personal challenges that people often face."

" graduate students who often arrive at the U of A lonely and alone, far from their homes, friends and families; through her friendly, sympathetic nature, Ileana serves as a strong pillar of support."

"Her enthusiasm for her work, brings out the best in others."


Excellence in Leadership Award

Presented at Celebrate! September 28, 2017, Myer Horowitz Theatre


Dr. Jacqueline Hebert, Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitative Medicine Division

Developing, attracting and improving techniques and devices has required immense interdisciplinary dedication between research centers, clinical staff, and government officials both within the country and internationally. Without her strong leadership, dedication and drive, this would not be possible".

"Within the BLINC lab, Dr. Hebert encourages milestone-driven working styles; lab members are given the opportunity to set reasonable deadlines, then build their schedules accordingly. This allows members to work flexible hours the locations that are best suited for their needs."

"Dr. Hebert encourages her students to pursue areas of interest that arenot directly related to their research, such as becoming teaching assistants, getting involved with various outreach opportunities, and working on side-projects. These rewarding activities help member to develop their soft skills and boosts morale in the lab."

"Dr. Hebert knows how to motivate students to challenge themselves while still encouraging the maintenance of happy, healthy lives."

"Her enthusiasm for learning and innovation attracts like-minded individuals, leading to a cooperative and exciting work atmosphere".


Dr. Mario Nascimento, Chair, Computing Science

"Mario is an excellent leader because he inspires, encourages, and empowers his teammates to utilize their full potential to do their best in their field".

"Mario fosters a pleasant and collaborative workinf, learning and reearch environment where everyone in this encouraging environment can concentrate on doing their best. Under these supportive and collegial team environments, our graduate stidents and our professors continue to achieve outstnading academic resultsand receive various research awards and recognition in Canada and across the world."

"Mario is a leader with a vision, conviction, patience and leadership skills. Mario is someone that is not afraid of speaking out for the betterment of the department, the Faculty of Science, and the university."

"His care for the benefit of the collective is what makes him stand out as a leader and a highly deserving recipient of an award recognizing contributions."


Excellence in Learning Support Award

Presented at Celebrate! September 28, 2017, Myer Horowitz Theatre


David Sulz - Libraries

"David was not just any sounding board or conversation partner. He was engaged, informaed, willing to listen, and very enthusiatic about learning."

"David's continual encouragement of me to think independently and imaginatively nutures me to fell stronger and think more courageously."

"David's genuine interest in my research and enthusiam for its growth makes me feel fulfilled intellectually and emotionally every time after talking with him. As such, he nourishes us a people and allows our research to flourish".

"In sum.....{he} has been instrumental to my learning experience as a student and more so, learning as a person. The space of complete acceptance, enthusiastic support, and compassion David has provided has been an indispensible ingredient for the progression of my studies and research."


2016 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual APO Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service, November 22, 2016 - Myer Horowitz Theatre

Kumarie Achaibar-Morrison, University of Alberta International

"She is supportive of her colleagues, continually exploring and following lines of inquiry in order to achieve a better campus community, and she celebrates the successes of her peers, the students and others within the university community."

"I have observed that Kumarie selflessly gives of herself in an effort to make our university a better, more inclusive and welcoming place for faculty, staff and students."

"Her passion for the institution, its students and staff is regularly evident as she seeks to advocate for the needs of our vulnerable populations."

"Kumarie's great capacity for intercultural understanding is consistently demonstrated through the respect and courtesy she extends to hose she interacts with on both a personal and professional level."


Suzanne Roy, School of Dentistry

"She is loyal and trustworthy and truly cares about the people she interacts with on a daily basis."

"She always has time for people no matter how busy she is, which extends her working day quite considerably. Suzanne's priorities include building a strong team and personal relationships and this is evident through how she organizes her day."

"She is an incredibly talented individual who performs her job at the highest of standards whether that be task oriented, leading people, contributing positively to the culture and/or setting the vision for the School's future."

"…Suzanne Roy stands out with her positive attitude toward her colleagues, her interest in the school, her ability to address and solves problems and her friendly, forthcoming and polite manner."


Lindsay Johnston, Libraries

"Lindsay is admired and respected by her colleagues and staff for her dedication to service excellence."

"I appreciate her willingness to work with me to explore new ideas and think about new ways to deliver services."

"Lindsay is respected by all for her follow through; and when she says she'll do something, she does it."

"Lindsay is known to as a reliable, fair, non-judgemental person who advocates "above and beyond" for the staff she supervises, her colleagues, and all patrons of our library."

"…Lindsay demonstrates an exemplary commitment to keeping her staff and colleagues informed about service changes. She is unfailingly supportive, compassionate, and open-minded."


Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service, November 22, 2016 - Myer Horowitz Theatre

Linda Hui, Environment, Health and Safety

"…Linda is a force for positive change by continually leading others by her example to lift their performance to a higher level and standard."

"….Linda always steps up when new opportunities are presented and brings consistent good humour, resilience and flexibility, reasonable and patient perspective, and commitment to excellence and hard work."

"Linda's enthusiasm is contagious, and she brings out the best in her team-mates."

"Her enthusiasm, and her evident joy in being excellent at her job serves as a positive example to others."


Tracy Zork, School of Dentistry

"Tracy is always willing to serve above and beyond the specified roles of her position."

"Tracy is such a positive influence and role model for our staff. She is always diplomatic in her dealing with people and issues."

"Her professional conduct, willingness to work and positive demeanor is the ideal ambassador for our department."

"Her dedication and work ethic have been instrumental for our successful restructuring…….Most remarkable is that she does all this without any expectation of reward or accolade."



Excellence in Leadership Award

Dr. Goetz Dapp - Program Manager, Canadian Centre for Welding and Joining, Chemical and Materials Engineering

"Goetz has shown much leadership spearheading our high school outreach program, and maintaining it runing successfully. To put this in context, Goetz has accomplished for our lab what some academic departments have not been able to accomplish for 50 years faculty members."

"Goetz has been involved in helping students to be recognized for their accomplishments and contributions, ....the students feel strongly for him."

"Goetz has a contagious smile and likes to be with people. He helps maintain a supportive, collegial, and inclusive environment through his personal interactions, and also being the firstto give the good example."

"In summary, Goetz is an outstanding leader with incredible contributions to the quality of the work and learning envitonment of the students and other staff at the Canadian Centre for Welding and joining."


Angie Mandeville - Public s=Services Manager, Cameron SciTech/Winspear Business, libraries

"Angie's responsiveness, communicativeness, and approachability make her an amazing library mananger and colleague."

"One of the bestthings about having Angie as a manager is how responsive she is to staff input, displaying openess and willingness for collaboration at our bi-weekly PSA/PSM meetings".

"Angie earns respect and gratitude of those with whom she works with and whom she manages. She fosters a truly healthy, respectful, and supportive workplace. It is rare to find a person so accomplished at gracefully balancing family, life, and work; not only is she a full-time PSM of a staff allotment of eight inidivduals at Cameron Library and four in Winspear Library, she is also a full-time wife and mother."

"Through meticulous attention to detailed procedures, problem-solving, pro-active communication, timeliness, and spirited collaboration Angie has made the library a consistently better and more innovative place for our users and a great place to work."


Excellence in Learning Support Award

"I am personally grateful to Sherri for developing and promoting a climate of service, care and concern within the support staff at the U of A."

"...has a deep respect and sensitivity toward our learners and is never too busy to talk to a student often times solving their quandry and in the process, putting them at ease."

"Sherri Kessels is, to say the least, an outstanding, extremely gifted and kind individual. We and the University of Alberta, are extremely fortunate to have her working with us."

"Sherri is highly trusted and treasured amonst the student body. She is kind, compassionate, and exhibits the highest professional standards."


Amy Roy-Gratton - Career Education Coordinator, CaPS: U of A Career Centre

"She is a steadfast supporter of students and her daily work clearly demonstrates how dedicated she is to challenging students to take advantage of opportunities that rise up to challenges."

"Amy is indeed the person who sincerely and enthusiatically meetsstudents halfway and makes genuine efforts to understand indiivdual student needs - be it otherwise, our progress would be much more modest."

"Amy is a kind of person that I thikn of sharing with whenever I have a career achievement......her supportive words encouraging lifelong learning and focusing on opportunity, motovated me and helped value my accomplisments."

"I appreciate Amy's passion, energy, and endless interest in the U of A students and I know that she is making a difference in students' careers to come."


2015 Recognition Award Recipients


Annual APO Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service, November 27th, 2015, Myer Horowitz Theatre

Cheryl Deslaurier, Communications Officer, Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

"Her personal attributes are many but ones that come immediately to mind include sincerity, thoughtful, insightful, open-minded, dependable, and understanding."

"She is professional, respectful and exhibits a strong sense of pride when discussing where she works and who she represents."

"Cheryl has been exemplary and outstanding in providing and demonstrating all of the qualities of leadership with a presence that does not have expectations of personal gain."


Janet Welch, Assistant Dean, Technologies in Education, Faculty of Education

"Janet makes her own trail. Her ability to learn from mistakes and difficult situations means that she is willing and able to take risks that others might not."

"Janet is regularly sought for her expertise and has therefore been involved in a number of provincial and international projects. Wherever possible, Janet will take the opportunity to make these projects collaborative, thereby raising awareness of and championing the work done at the University of Alberta."

"She brings out the best in her team members by encouraging them to do what they thought couldn't be done or done in a way no one has thought of."


Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service, November 27th, 2015, Myer Horowitz Theatre

Jamie Boisvenue, Research Technician, Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

"He is contributing to a positive culture in the department as he is getting more people to learn more about what each person does and this is creating a greater understanding of how the department operates as a whole."

"Jamie is an integral part of the success and day-to-day functioning of my lab, and his enthusiasm for working at the University of Alberta as a whole is a large factor in that."

"Our lab is a very busy and complex enterprise and Jamie has added a great deal to our environment by organizing events to bring our staff and those in other labs together to socialize and develop good working relationships."

Bobbie McDonald-Nabseth, Operations Supervisor, HSLAS, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

"Her positive attitude remains consistent throughout all hardships, her goals are always in focus, and she continues to raise the bar for everyone so we all continue to challenge and better ourselves."

"Bobbie is always aware of how people are doing and can sense when something isn't quite right."

"...I have had the opportunity to work with Bobbie and have come to depend on her as a guide and valuable resource to support our research."


Excellence in Leadership

Presented at Celebrate! September 23, 2015, Myer Horowitz Theatre


Dr. Margitta Dziwenka, HSLAS

" the past two years, she has solidified our leadership team and brought us forward as a collaborative/creative group with a focus on establishing a positive, safe workplace. Margitta is continually seeking ways to bring the resources of the greater University to support our department, often leading the charge and new ways of thinking. Margitta fosters a supportive and collegial team environment by ensuring that everyone on the leadership team has a voice...highly encouraged to speak up and express our thoughts.... She is clearly an outstanding professional, mentor and colleague. Margitta is an innovative, exceptional leader."

Dr. John Greer, Neuroscience and Mental Health Centre/Physiology

"Dr. Greer is an excellent example of a true leader: his engaging and forward-thinking vision inspired and engaged us all to create an even more successful enterprise that showcased neuroscience research and training....A man of great integrity and passion, his lead by example attitude fostered a culture of respect and collegiality across the board, from senior administration, to faculty, all the way down to trainees, both graduate and undergraduate. Dr. Greer is truly an outstanding mentor who genuinely cares about his people's development and happiness."


2014 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 28th, 2014 Myer Horowitz Theatre

Linda Jacklin, Physics

" being effective, knowledgeable, cheerful, kind and respectful, committed to her work, Linda strongly contributes to a positive culture within our department, and we are lucky to have her….No job is too small or too big for Linda to tackle and she welcomes guidance with a can-do professional attitude….Regardless of whether it's a student, faculty member, or other non-academic staff, and no matter how busy she is, Linda is always willing to help, always has the answers, and will share a laugh as well….Linda absolutely personifies everything I could think of in terms of an absolutely outstanding support staff member."

Janey Kennedy,
Community Service Learning, Interdisciplinary Studies

"...Janey ranks above even excellent colleagues because she is genuinely concerned about the general well-being, progress and success of our students, other staff members and faculty -- and she takes concrete steps to contribute to our well-being as well as to our ability to do our jobs. Endless energy, knowledge and joy, she radiates good will and efficiency, she is thoughtful and intelligent…She is innovative and enthusiastic, easy to approach and work with, her team work is outstanding and she continually contributes to a healthy work environment for everyone….She is gracious and generous with her time no matter how busy, she always has time to hear my concerns and actively help me, always with a smile and earnest concern."

Annual APO Recognition Award


Jennifer McPhee, Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

"She is the heart of this unit, and has never failed to lend a thoughtful ear, a helping hand, or a caring shoulder, and seemed to have the knack for knowing exactly what was needed every time….Jennifer not only exhibits a consistently high level of performance, but she also encourages it in other by supporting their efforts and innovations…..She maintains a delicate balance between work and life activities, and learns enough about the lives of others for them to feel as though they are cared for and valued…Jennifer has been instrumental in many ideas moving from the conception to action stage, simply because of the belief that she instills in others, her willingness to be a sounding-board, and her ability to identify and foster the unique capabilities and strengths in those she works with."

Julie Naylor, Faculty of Science

"...what makes Julie deserving of recognition is her great sense of "responsibility to her position," that keeps her energized and engaged beyond what might be expected in her role……Julie's passion for her work is truly contagious and she works hard to ensure that our Faculty is always operating at its fullest…..For many of us looking for a good work-play balance it is empowering to work for a woman like Julie…..Julie seems to understand better than most the need to establish, nurture and grow….Julie Naylor is a fantastic supervisor, mentor, team player and cheer leader for the Faculty of Science."

Annual Librarian Recognition Award

Sarah Polkinghorne, Libraries

"Her Friendly and professional manner, tactful nature and high level of commitment to our team has allowed us to reach our goals, aim higher and succeed….There is no doubt in our minds that Sarah is a shining example of what a Librarian at the University of Alberta should strive to be….Her can do attitude is contagious and it really is a wonderful thing when she is part of one's team….She has proven to be a just sounding board and ensures that all team members' thoughts are heard and that we each have a valuable role to play."

Excellence in Leadership Award

Presented at Celebrate! September 25th, 2014 Myer Horowitz Theatre

Donna Nordstrom, Human Resource Services


2013 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 28th, 2014 Myer Horowitz Theatre

Megan Airmet, Centre for Neuroscience

"Megan is, in many way, the glue that holds the Centre together….Megan always gives her best, regardless of whether we're undergraduates, graduate students, post-docs, of faculty….Her willingness to listen and advocate has been phenomenal, and reflects her interpersonal skills and great generosity of time….In addition to being more than helpful, she was always cheerful and is a testament to Megan's steady and proactive hand at the wheel that our program is so successful….She truly is a champion of both our students and the Centre and we would be so much less without her."


Annual APO Recognition Award

Kevin Moffitt, Technology Training Centre


"In all my dealings with Kevin, I have found him to be supportive, helpful and encouraging…He is very enthusiastic about giving staff and students the tool set they need to succeed in their jobs or learning. His enthusiasm is evident in the classroom.....Kevin understands what a privilege and rarity it is to work with so many talented people that he volunteers his time making his community a better place to live….He focuses on the staff member rather than the task, he asks rather than tells, and provides good feedback...he inherently understands that that by sharing openly and willing leads to a positive atmosphere where all members are valued…Kevin shines as an ambassador for the University....."


2012 Recognition award Recipients

Presented at the Celebration of Service, November 5th, 2012 Myer Horowitz Theatre

Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Daniel Kwok, Dentistry

"....Daniel demonstrates leadership qualities beyond expectation.......Daniel treats staff and faculty like they are his own family. No matter how complex the task....he always has a smile. It is a joy to with him as he always brings his "best" to work….He provides and demonstrates all of the qualities of leadership with a quiet presence and without the expectation of personal gain."

Joyce Maycher, Educational Psychology

"She is one of the most caring people I have been blessed to work with…Truly a woman of strong character and ethics who supports the University in innumerable ways…She has been a positive force and is continuously encouraging others to learn and grow in many aspects of their work and personal lives….It is this kindness that proves over and over again that her love of people and enthusiasm help define and create a close department."

Alexia Palau, Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

"...her dedication to her role inspires us to do more than what is expected of us..... is a true example of the type of person who knows how to ensure that the team will succeed by going the extra mile, and putting in the extra time needed to get things done….Not only does Alexia exceed high standards of work in her regular job duties, she actively seeks out opportunities to further her development and expand her range of always one to appreciate the work of others, to celebrate achievements - both work and more broadly."

Annual APO Recognition Award

Kerri Calvert, Research Services Office

"...She epitomizes the positivity, performance, innovation and enthusiasm that is required if a manager and leader...She cares deeply about her community, and it shows in all that she does….She works well beyond the call of duty and is deeply invested in the success of all those whose initiatives she touches….She continued to share her vast knowledge about research administration well as her great sense of humour - about work, deadlines and life in general."

Sandra Campbell, Libraries

"She is always looking for ways to promote her colleagues' work, while remaining extremely modest about her own accomplishments....her broad knowledge, expertise, and dedication to service is renowned and respected across the university…Sandy's approach to every project is professional, collegial and collaborative, which is why she is a great ambassador for the University…All of our librarians have more experience and better opportunities because of Sandy's focus on collaboration."


2011 Recognition Award Recipients

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 24th, 2011 Myer Horowitz Theatre

Annual Support Staff Recognition Award

Chris Fukushima, Ancillary Services

David Waege, Mechanical Engineering

Annual APO Recognition Award

Greg Parks, HSLAS

Barbara Sonnenberg, Medicine

George Thomlison, Facilities & Operations

Annual Librarian Recognition Award

Linda Seale, Libraries


President's Achievement Awards

Presented September 16th, 2011 at Celebrate!, Myer Horowitz Theatre

Overall Award ~ Science 100

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Excellence in Learning Support Awards

Presented September 16th, 2011 at Celebrate!, Myer Horowitz Theatre

Maria Borges - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Melissa Casey - Faculty of Arts

Jennifer Eigerd - Faculty of Education

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2010 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual Support Staff Awards

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 15th, 2010

Pak Chow, Renewable Resources

What makes Pak special are his personal characteristics that stimulate professional but cooperative behaviour in his labs....Pak's willingness to go the extra mile and his innovative thinking make him a pivotal player....Even when things do not work out as hoped, Pak is able to find some wry humor in the outcome....I am not sure 'humility' is the correct work; maybe it is just some inner peace. He is always content....

Staff Spotlight

Delphi Kozmeniuk, Ancillary Services

I have never questioned that she not only loves her job but also loves working with the students....The positive energy she brings can be felt in the fun, positive and welcoming work environment….Delphi always puts others first, whether it is her staff or a student....Delphi puts trust and faith in her staff; she is a great leader….

Staff Spotlight

Marcel Munroe, Chemistry

Immediately upon joining the department Marcel began making it a better place to be....He has the unwavering ability to stay positive in the midst of a problem….Marcel has been a catalyst for a healthier, happier department….His enthusiasm is contagious; every workplace needs someone like Marcel.

Staff Spotlight

Judith Odhuno-Were, Registrar and Student awards

Judith finds the good in every situation; this is how she views life in general….Judith excels at putting everyone at ease instantly; there is always laughter involved....Each student that encounters Judith leaves satisfied and happy…..Her pride in working at the U is reflected in how much passion and dedication she illustrates on a daily basis.

Staff Spotlight

Administrative Professional Officer (APO) Recognition Award 2010

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 15th, 2010

Trevor Buckle, Faculty of Arts

Trevor's work and attitude are absolutely phenomenal; he makes it look effortless!....He is funny, happy, supportive and optimistic; his enthusiasm for life and for his work is infectious....Trevor is the epitome of a team player and a valued mentor….Trevor always represents the University with charm, confidence, dignity and precision.

Recognition Award article

Mary Paul, Office of the Vice-President (Facilities & Operations)

Mary brings people together to help them achieve success....She brings an attitude of calm, respect and care….Her interactions on a daily basis are what truly benefit the environment she works in....Mary is a pleasure to work with; a colleague of character and substance.

Recognition Award article

Annual Librarian Recognition Award 2010

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 15th, 2010

Marlene Dorgan, Libraries

It is Marlene's genuine personal concern that makes people feel valued....Not only is Marlene a gifted leader, she is a valued team member….Marlene has been an excellent role model for the new librarians on staff....Her knowledge, interest and commitment demonstrate the qualities that contribute to the University's success.

Recognition Award article

Excellence in Learning Support Awards

Presented September 24th, 2010 at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning

Joan Schiebelbein, Career and Placement Services

Lorraine Woollard, Community Service-Learning

Mathieu Trepanier, Campus Saint-Jean

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2009 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual Support Staff Awards

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 24th, 2009

Bonnie Gallinger, Libraries

Bonnie brings a high level of engagement to her work..........understands the need to share her specialist knowledge for the purposes of enhancing education.............she exceeds position expectations and takes a personal interest in going 'the extra mile'

Staff Spotlight

Charlene Hill, Economics

She is the perfect "role model" .....Charlene is a joy to work with: she is always upbeat, has an excellent sense of humour and is attentive to and understanding of the needs of others....has a knack of, no matter how busy she is...making you feel that little questions that you ask her are deserving of her time and attention.

Staff Spotlight

Administrative Professional Officer (APO) Recognition Award 2009

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 24th, 2009

Stan Szynkowski, Art & Design

His contributions are instrumental to all of the workings of our department… ....exceptionally pleasant individual who takes a sincere interest in co-workers, colleagues and students alike. He takes exceptional pride in his work, makes an excellent impression on others reflecting very well on the University.........

Recognition Award article

President's Achievement Awards

Presented November 6th, 2010 - President's Residence

Overall Award ~ There's A Heifer in Your Tank

There's A Heifer in Your Tank (HIYT) program was selected as the recipient of the 2009 President's Achievement Award for Overall Achievement in support of Dare to Discover. The program focus is on educating university students about agriculture through inquiry and creating agricultural awareness in the broader community. Over the past few years this venture has grown to include many creative, engaging and community building opportunities which were very well profiled in the nomination.

In reviewing submissions, the selection committee recognized the success of the HIYT program in developing an innovative, energetic and interactive teaching and learning experience that engages people of all ages not only within the University community but also in the community at large. The team's well-rounded submission spoke to significant accomplishments under each of our cornerstones and provides an excellent example of how powerful the education process can be when passion and creativity flow endlessly.

Folio Article

Connecting Communities ~ Certificate in Aboriginal Governance & Partnership

The 2009 award for Connecting Communities was presented to the Faculty of Native Studies in recognition of the Certificate in Aboriginal Governance & Partnership program. The success of the program in engaging students, alumni, government, the City of Edmonton, various Aboriginal organizations and countless other stakeholders in the research and subsequent development of the program was clearly evident in the team submission. The program is outcome based and available to all students in an undergraduate degree program.

The program was formally approved by the University in April 2008, and at all stages from conception through to development and implementation, the consultative approach of the team has been evident. This provides a solid model for Connecting Communities. The many letters from public and private sector organizations accompanying the submission speak volumes about the impact this program had already had, and bodes well for continued success in the future.

Folio Article

Excellence in Learning Support Awards

Presented September 25th, at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning

Nancy Goebel - Augustana Campus

Christian Tremblay - Residence Services

2008 Recognition Award Recipients

Annual Support Staff Awards

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 18, 2008

Donna Fong, Population Research Lab/Sociology

... incredibly devoted, reliable and professional.....very welcoming and accommodating. For Donna it is paramount clients receive the highest quality of work

Karen Romanyk, Biological Sciences

Karen is the epitome of a positive influence.......she performs her duties with nothing less than exceptional service ...consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty for everyone she interacts with.

Gerald Streefkerk, Chemistry

...warm and approachable...has a genuine passion for glass blowing .....goes the extra mile to ensure his colleagues feel valued and appreciated.

Wanda Walker, Dentistry

.....She always arrives for work with both a smile and a plan. .....brings the best of herself to work everyday .... staff are encouraged to develop themselves to their utmost potential

APO, FSO and Librarian Award

Presented at the Celebration of Service November 18th, 2008

Jeanette Buckingham, Libraries

...passion and enthusiasm for her work...her contribution to research teams is invaluable ...wonderful example of knowledge transfer and experience in action

Robin Cowan, Faculty of Arts

...unflappable, friendly and completely infectious model of excellence ...extraordinary facilitator for success ...she is the very centre of our claim to excellence

Hugh Warren, Engineering & Infrastructure

...cares about the mark he will leave on the University ...leads by example and seeks opportunities for staff to succeed effectively, motivates and holds people in the highest regard

Excellence in Leadership

Presented January 21, 2009 at the Joint Meeting of the Deans' Council and Chairs' Council

Dr. Al Cook, Faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine

Dr. Cook's nominators describe him as a leader who is informed, thoughtful and fair whose innovation, creativity, vision and proactive leadership has made an indelible impact on the Faculty. Dr. Cook is a genuine, sincere person with a tremendous sense of integrity, whose skills of relationship building have been a hallmark of his 13 years as Dean.

Dr. Tom Marrie, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Equanimity, courage and a sense of purpose are the hallmarks of Dr. Marrie's exemplary leadership over the past four years as Dean. Dr. Marrie's nominators spoke of a leader who is a visionary and who is consultative, accessible and transparent in his decision making. The nomination also spoke of his great creativity, innovation and resourcefulness.

Dr. Erasmus Okine, Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science

A man of character who is passionate in his beliefs and a great humanitarian is how Dr. Okine leads by example in his department. Quoting from the nomination, "giving respect, teaching respect, mentoring, and understanding that "family plays an important role in the workplace" are a few of his qualities that make him such a great leader.

Excellence in Learning Support

Presented at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning Awards September 26th, 2008

Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop, Mechanical Engineering Details on the award recipients can be found on-line:

Additional photograph of the recipients:

President's Achievement Awards

Presented September 29th, at the General Faculties Council meeting;

Overall Award ~ Perinatal Research Centre

This award is being presented to the Perinatal Research Centre in recognition that the PRC is a role model for interdisciplinary team research and a strong partner within the University of Alberta and broader community. The PRC was one of the first interdisciplinary research teams at the University. Since its inception, the PRC has been a joint venture between the Faculties of Medicine & Dentistry, Nursing and Rehabilitation Medicine. More recently, the Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences has also become involved, and the PRC has established partnerships with Capital Health, provincial agencies and other regional and international universities. The PRC has mastered the art of bringing together talented people, establishing innovative and practical training venues, and supporting collaboration in research at the earliest stages. The PRC's activities ground its members, trainees and its public in the common purpose of understanding why studying and improving human development is vital to our society's long term wellbeing, and this powerful synergy will certainly help propel the University forward as we strive to be one of the top 20 public universities.

Transformative Organization & Support ~ The Writing Task Force

This award is presented to the Writing Task Force for their commitment to providing a transformative experience for our students, one that creates a writing environment within the larger University community to help students evolve as writers during their studies. Constituted in September 2005 by the Provost and the Dean of Arts, the Task Force had the mandate to complete a thorough assessment of writing instruction and writing competencies at the University of Alberta. They developed a bold vision for building a writing rich culture and recommended the simultaneous development of three equally important structures for supporting writing across the University. In implementing this vision, we become an model nationally and internationally, of an innovative approach to writing instruction and support. The development of Writing Studies courses at the 100-level and beyond, of writing intensive courses in every Faculty and department, and of individual coaching services at the Centre for Writers will prove invaluable for both academic and life long learning.

Learning, Discovery and Citizenship ~ The Diversity Institute

This award is being presented in recognition of the Diversity Institutes ability to engage students in issues of diversity, with the end goal of helping students become more ethnically responsible global citizens. Over the four years of the Diversity Institute's existence, more than 220 undergraduate students have engaged in a range of reflective pedagogical activities to prepare them to teach more effectively in the increasingly diverse contexts of contemporary school classrooms. One of the keys to the success of the Institute has been the ability of individual members to bring their expertise and specific research interests to the group while also carefully balancing these with the broader goals of diversity education. Their work exemplifies the type of research effort that will build capacity for improving educational outcomes for Alberta students and enables all members of the Institute to grow in their awareness and understanding of the complexities of diversity in teacher education.

More about the recipients can be found on-line: