Getting Through the Pandemic

Remote teaching, worrying about loved ones and trying to learn new protocols has been challenging. It’s normal to experience anxiety, fear and stress. The COVID-19 pandemic has been an emotionally overwhelming experience.

Human Resources, Health, Safety and Environment offers a number of resources to support faculty, staff and leaders through the pandemic and promote wellbeing.

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Wellbeing Through Change

View resources for working through change and coping with layoffs and restructure.

Working During COVID-19

View resources for working remotely and returning to campus.

Taking care of you

Employee Fatigue, Isolation and Loneliness

EFAP article
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Working Remotely


More resources for working remotely

Family responsibilities

Whether you have children, or aging parents, or family members who require support, managing these activities while working from home can be particularly challenging.


More family responsibilities resources
  • Parenting during a pandemic EFAP article English | French 
  • Those with family members in long-term care facilities EFAP article | EnglishFrench
  • How to Speak to Children EFAP article | English | French

Resources for managers and supervisors to support working during COVID-19


More resources for managers and supervisors to support working during COVID-19