Managing safety while returning to campus

Safety Measures General Directives

The Safety Measures General Directives (SMGD) provides guidance on expectations for faculty, staff, students, contractors and visitors in preparing their plans to ensure a continued safe return to our campuses. The SMDG reflects the current provincial public health measures. It will be amended as public health measures are discontinued and/or become less stringent, and will reflect the need for the widespread adoption of COVID-19 vaccines as an important control for infection and transmission prevention.

Supervisors will be expected to review the U of A Hazard Assessment for COVID-19 for hazard awareness information.

Physical Distancing

Although physical distancing will not be the norm, specific hazard assessments may necessitate it, by exception.

Physical Barriers

Physical barriers currently in place may be retained, subject to the operational needs of individual units. Specific hazard assessments may indicate the need for new barriers in some cases. Costs for the purchase and installation of plexiglass or tempered glass shields are the responsibility of the faculty or unit. Work requisitions for supply and installation are to be submitted to Asset Management and Operations.

Health Screening

Staff and students are required to monitor their health prior to coming to campus using the Alberta Health Daily Checklist and remain home if they are not feeling well.

Attendance Records

To aid in any potential COVID-19 response, units are required to produce contact lists of faculty and staff if there is a surge of cases in their area. Tools to assist in maintaining contact lists include the here@ualberta online tool and the Work Team Weekly Attendance Log.

All COVID-19 related records must continue to be managed in accordance with the university’s guidance on Collecting and Managing COVID-19 Records.

Hand Hygiene and Cough/Sneeze Etiquette

The university will continue to reinforce the need to practice essential hygiene, including frequent hand washing and sanitizing and covering cough or sneeze.

Cleaning and Sanitization

Enhanced cleaning and sanitization measures are in effect in response to COVID-19 cases, but it will not be practical to clean classrooms and common areas between users.

Masks and PPE

Mask wearing in all indoor spaces is strongly encouraged, and specific hazard assessments may necessitate it, by exception.

Training and Communication

All faculty, staff and students must complete a safety eLearning course (available in August) for their group, and continue to stay up to date on safety information.
The university homepage banner links to the latest information related to safety measures and will be supplemented with a variety of other communication tools.

HVAC Systems (ventilation)

Staff must keep the doors open when occupying classrooms and offices when it is practical to do so.

In laboratories and workshops, staff are advised to use fume hoods and extraction systems appropriately, keep doors closed and only adjust exhaust systems with help from Facilities and Operations.

All members of the community are asked to consider outdoor activities where it is practical and appropriate to do so.