Pandemic Pay Guidelines

Moving your team from campus to remote work

Depending on the nature of the duties, supervisors may be able to temporarily modify duties and limit remote work to functions that can be performed online, via telephone or video conference, or other methods. If regular duties are not able to be performed, but alternative duties can be (e.g. develop a training manual), you may assign alternative work and reassess during the remote work situation. Contact your HR partner to work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Supporting faculty and staff with family responsibilities

For guidance for managers and supervisors in helping employees balance work and family, while meeting operational needs, visit the supporting faculty and staff with family responsibilities page.

Isolation pay

The COVID-19 Employee Leave and Pay Guidelines provide guidance around the continuation of pay for employees under mandatory isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms.

Casual and hourly employees who are legally required to self-isolate due to COVID-19 symptoms or as a result of close contact with someone with COVID-19 as per Alberta's isolation and quarantine requirements will receive pay for the shifts that they were scheduled to work during the applicable mandated isolation period.

If someone who works on campus is required to self-isolate due to COVID-19, the supervisor should assess if work can be completed from home. If the work can be completed remotely and the employee is well enough to work, they should continue to work and receive regular pay.

If the work cannot be done remotely or if the employee is unwell, they will then be placed on isolation leave with pay for the shifts they were previously scheduled to work during the applicable mandated isolation period.

Note that isolation leave does not apply to travellers returning from outside of Canada.

The following hourly employees will enter code “857- COVID19 Isolation Pay” on their timesheets for the days they were scheduled to work during the applicable mandated isolation period:

  • Academic Hourly
  • Excluded Students
  • Casual level I
  • Casual Level I FT Students
  • Casual Level II
  • Supplemental Trades

Regular and auxiliary support staff who are eligible for General Illness (GI) entitlements would use GI for these situations.

For salaried employees who do not have GI entitlements, please submit a form to the Staff Service Centre with the dates the employee will be off work due to isolation requirements.

Payroll and Time Tracking

If you have hourly paid employees working from home, ensure that they are continuing to submit their timesheet in Employee Self-Service for all hours worked in accordance with the payroll calendar. Hourly paid workers who are ill or who are required to self-isolate should submit their timesheet in PeopleSoft Time and Labour for their regularly scheduled shifts. Supervisors must ensure that they approve the time before the payroll deadline. Employees who need to work overtime must seek their supervisor’s authorization before the overtime is worked.