Transitioning to campus phases

Research Ramp-Up (beginning July 2)

The transition to full research activity on university campuses has begun. While physical distancing will not be required, mask wearing and hygiene routines will continue. A record of all staff working in the lab must be maintained for contact tracing purposes. Refer to the COVID-19 Response Information for Researchers and Research Groups for more information.

Critical Services (August 2021 to September 2021)

Roles that are critical to support the reintroduction of in-person activities will begin to transition in early August, including staff who are engaged in direct support to students. Academic faculty, instructors, and others whose work supports learning activities will prepare for in-person student learning. Joining staff who have worked on our campuses throughout the pandemic, these transitioning faculty and staff will help to welcome our students to campus life.

Selective Expansion (October 2021 to December 2021)

Through October to December, faculty/unit administrative staff may transition to campus. In particular, staff whose work will be enhanced by in-person delivery of service to leaders, administrators, faculty, instructors, and fellow staff members will be welcomed to campus.

Full Transition (January 2022)

All remaining staff will transition to on-campus work in January 2022, following the Winter Closure.