Employee Appointments

When hiring or rehiring employees, there are many items to consider before processing the appointment. Please review the following items before processing an employee appointment:

☑ Deadlines for Employees Paid Semi-Monthly and Monthly

Please ensure that all fully completed Appointment/Pay Action forms and Smart Forms are received by Payroll and Benefit Services, 2-60 University Terrace by the applicable payroll deadline. Forms received after the deadline may not be processed until the next cycle resulting in later payments for your employees. Please make sure all necessary documentation is also attached. If an Appointment/Pay Action form has been sent in electronically, please do not resend the original paper copy as well.

☑ Mandatory Direct Deposit

Please advise employees and students that all payments will be paid by direct deposit. Please ensure employees and students add their banking information to Direct Deposit under the Employees Self Service tab in Bear Tracks, or fill out an Electronic Banking/Direct Deposit form, available in the HRS Forms Cabinet, no later than three days before the first payment date following their appointment or re-appointment. Payment by cheque will only be available in special circumstances as approved by Payroll and Benefit Services.

☑ TD1 Forms

Please advise new employees and students to complete and send a new TD1 and TD1AB form to Payroll and Benefit Services if more than the basic tax exemption is claimed. If no TD1 form is received the basic exemption will be applied. Employees with more than the basic exemption should send in a new TD1 for January 1 of each calendar year. If more than the basic amount has been claimed previously, the tax exemptions previously set up will remain the same for subsequent years unless a new TD1 or TD1AB form is submitted. If a TD1 or TD1AB has been sent in electronically, please do not send the original paper copy as well. You can find the forms in the HRS Forms Cabinet.

☑ Tax Slips

Tax slips are available through Bear Tracks in mid-February. Employees must provide their consent to receive their tax slips online by signing into Bear Tracks with their CCID, selecting "Tax Slip Consent" from the menu items, and then clicking "Grant Consent". New employees can grant consent for online tax slips after they have received their first pay cheque.

☑ Social Insurance Numbers

If you are preparing paperwork for new employees, it is your responsibility to ask for their Social Insurance Number within three days of them starting their employment and providing that number to Payroll and Benefit Services.

☑ Work/Study Permits

If an employee is not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident, a copy of the entry papers must be sent to Payroll and Benefit Services or as an attachment to the Smart Forms appointment before the first payment date. Payments made to non-Canadian or Permanent Residents may be held if the appropriate permit documentation is not received. Also, please always fill out the Immigration Status section of paper Appointment/Pay Action forms, being sure to also include Country of Citizenship.

For Student Appointments:

☑ Student Departmental Contact

Payroll and Benefit Services asks that all students be provided with a departmental contact name and number to assist them in the onboarding and documentation process. Please ensure that your students are aware of mandatory direct deposit, the payroll deadlines, timesheet completion process, online pay advice and tax slips. Also, please ensure your students are aware what types of payments they will be receiving (ex. Scholarship, Bursary, Taxable Salary).