Guides for Managers of New Employees

As a manager at the University of Alberta, you play a vital role in welcoming new employees and helping them settle in so they can contribute their skills and talents to the university.

Before your employee starts

Ensure your new staff or faculty member gets oriented with your department and the university.

  • Prepare identification and security
  • Prepare the workspace
  • Plan the welcome
  • Design the training plan

First days

Set a positive tone for your new employee and your department.

  • Provide an introduction and develop a supervisor/employee relationship
  • Clarify the job description and context
  • Initiate training program
  • Introduce key policies and practices

First weeks

Further introduce your employee to critical information. Keep the lines of communication open and answer their questions.

  • Introduce performance development
  • Connect them to information
  • Continue to meet regularly

First months

Listen to your employee's feedback, reinforce learnings and encourage them to explore everything the university offers.

  • Continue performance development
  • Encourage citizenship and exploration of U of A culture and opportunities

First year

Review their successes, challenges and opportunities.

  • Observe the milestone and look to the future
  • Benefits availalbe at this milestone
  • Continue performance development