Job Design and Evaluation

The job evaluation process

Please note that the job evaluation process is being streamlined as part of a process redesign. The first phase of the process introduces job cards.

Before starting the job evaluation process, ensure:

Ensure you are following the correct path by having a conversation with your HR Service Partner before you start the process.

1. Search the Job Card Catalogue

Search the Job Card Catalogue within the Alfresco content management system to find a job card that matches your required position. You may need to click this link twice if no results appear the first time.

There are two types of job cards you can use.

  • Specific Job Cards are specific to a job with an assigned grade/band. When you find a specific job card that matches your required position, record the job card name
  • Generic Job Cards are used as a base to create a position. To use a generic job card:
    • Download the Generic Job Card that most closely matches your required position
    • Open the downloaded Job Card from your computer and customize the Job Card to match your specific position requirements.
    • Save the customized Job Card to your computer.

The job card catalogue is always being updated with new specific and generic job cards. If you have any questions about selecting or editing a job card, contact your HR Service Partner.

If you don’t find a specific or generic job card that matches your required position,  follow the job evaluation process outlined for the following appointment types: 

2. Submit your job evaluation request

If you are using a job card:

  1. Open the Job Evaluation Intake Form and select the action you will be taking. Select either:
    • New position
    • Existing Vacant
    • Encumbered Position
    • Backfill/Double Head Count
  2. Fill in in the intake form
    • If you used a specific job card enter the job name
    • If you used a generic job card enter the generic job name, attach the custom job card to the form.
  3. Complete and submit the intake form.
    • Ensure you enter all approver names and email addresses. The email addresses entered on the form are used to automatically send approval requests.
    • Select “Send me a copy of my responses” option to receive an email copy of the completed form
    • Click submit

If you didn't find a specific or generic job card that matched your required position, submit the job fact sheet or position description according to the job evaluation process for that appointment type.

3. Approval, Evaluation and Posting
  • If using the Job Evaluation Intake Form, approval requests are automatically sent to the specified approvers. Approvers will review the information and approve the request. If an approver rejects the request, they will contact the original submitter. 
  • Organizational Design and Talent COE will review the request, and check for necessary approvals.
  • Email notifications are then sent to the Organizational Design and Talent COE.
  • The COE will inform the Faculty/Department HR Service Partner and Shared Services when evaluation is complete and is ready to be posted.

About job evaluation

The Job Design and Evaluation team provides consultation to the university community on job design, organizational design, evaluation of positions and the administration of compensation practices and procedures.

Job evaluation is simply defined as "a systematic process for determining the relative value of a series of jobs within an organization."

In all cases, the outcome of a job evaluation plan is an internal rank order of jobs within an organization that provides the basis for establishing a fair and equitable pay structure.

This table summarizes what job evaluation is and is not.

Job Evaluation IS... Job Evaluation IS NOT...
About the job About the person doing the job
A measure of job value A measure of performance
Used to set internal equity About external competitiveness
Confined to a value within an organization How other organizations might value similar jobs
A process A manual
Participative and consultative A small backroom committee
An art An exact science