Job Design and Evaluation

The Job Design and Evaluation team provides consultation to the university community on job design, organizational design, evaluation of positions and the administration of compensation practices and procedures.

In this section find the definitions and evaluation processes for the following appointments:

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is simply defined as "a systematic process for determining the relative value of a series of jobs within an organization."

In all cases, the outcome of a job evaluation plan is an internal rank order of jobs within an organization that provides the basis for establishing a fair and equitable pay structure.

This table summarizes what job evaluation is and is not.

Job Evaluation IS...

Job Evaluation IS NOT...

About the job About the person doing the job
A measure of job value A measure of performance
Used to set internal equity About external competitiveness
Confined to a value within an organization How other organizations might value similar jobs
A process A manual
Participative and consultative A small backroom committee
An art An exact science