Research Associates

Appendix D - Trust/Research Academic Staff Agreement

The source of funding under a trust academic job family shall be university restricted funds (e.g. grants, fellowships, directed funding, contingent funding, endowments) and fall into one of the following academic job families under this Appendix and Article 6.02:

Research Academic Family: A Research Academic is a full-time or part-time staff member whose duties are to carry-out or support high-level, complex, research projects in collaboration with faculty members and other researchers. Duties may include research design, methodology determination, analysis and/or other activities that facilitate the work of the trust unit. Duties may include all phases of data collection and analysis (e.g. clinical trials, test and questionnaire design) and could include such activities as the preparation of proposals for new research activities, the presentation of research findings and/or the preparation of reports and papers. A "Research Scientist" or a "Research Associate" will normally hold a doctoral degree or have equivalent qualifications and experience. A "Trust Professional" shall normally hold a Master's or professional level degree in a required discipline and hold positions such as speech language pathologist, kindergarten teacher, engineer, and statistician.