Recruiting Support Staff

Support staff positions funded from operating or non-restricted funds cannot be advertised or hired without the prior written approval of the Provost or Vice-President (University Services and Finance) except for the exemptions listed below.

Procedure for Requesting Approval

For positions not included in the exemptions, the hiring manager must request approval for new hires and position postings from the Provost for positions within the faculty and academic units, or the Vice-President (University Services and Finance) for all other central or administrative units.

To request approval, the hiring manager shall email their request to either the Provost or Vice-President (University Services and Finance) including their rationale that:

  • Demonstrates the position is critical to the academic mission of the university (e.g., requires specialized knowledge, delivers a vital service, required for statutory compliance, vacancy will create significant impact or risk to the university or our reputation).
  • Confirms the position is funded within their approved 2020/21 budget, and if continuing past this fiscal year, will remain funded in the face of the anticipated future Campus Alberta grant reductions for 2021/22 and 2022/23.
  • Confirms options for current redeployment of existing employees have been considered.

When posting the position that requires Provost or Vice-President (University Services and Finance) approval on the Careers website through the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD), attach the email approval within the Comments Section.

Exemptions for Hiring and/or Posting Approval
  • The position is funded from restricted funds (i.e., endowment, research or other special purpose grant).
  • The hiring is a requirement/condition of a grant agreement.
  • Transfer or secondment from one university department to another or recall of a support staff member on the recall list.
  • Postings restricted to internal candidates (both faculty/unit and university-wide), including positions posted as and Expression of Interest (EIO).
  • Temporary student and/or short-term casual appointments (< 12 months) to address immediate work requirements.
  • Temporary backfill for maternity, parental or other short-term leaves.

When posting a position that is exempt from hiring and posting approval on the Careers website through the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD), identify how it meets the exemption criteria within the comments section.

Support staff at the University of Alberta are members of the Non-Academic Staff Association (NASA) Collective Agreement.

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