U of A Onboarding Toolkit



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The U of A Onboarding Program is designed to create a consistent, coherent, and comprehensive onboarding journey for new and transitioning employees. Meeting this goal is a shared responsibility that requires collaboration between the employee and organization, with specific responsibilities falling to the supervisor, department onboarding colleague, onboarding colleague, and HR Service Partner.

The Onboarding Toolkit (accessible with your CCID only) is designed to support effective onboarding and collaboration between those leading, supporting, and facilitating the process. The toolkit offers a library of flexible, role specific resources, tools, and templates such as:

  • Onboarding Checklist Template
  • Employee Onboarding Checklist and Resources Guide
  • 90-Day Plan Guide and Template
  • Identifying an Onboarding Colleague Guide
  • Milestone Check-ins Conversation Guide
  • Communication templates

Employees are supported with similar resources, which can be found on the U of A Onboarding Program website and in the U of A Employee Orientation Course.