Resources for Peer Coaches

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Peer coaches play an important role in the onboarding experience. They provide invaluable guidance as new and transitioning employees adjust to their new role and team, and act as cultural role models. Peer coaches provide hands-on support to navigate systems and processes. They must be actively engaged in the new employee’s onboarding and overall success to produce a high performing team member.

The following resources will help support you in your role as a peer coach, in turn helping ensure the person you’re onboarding has an excellent experience.

Before the Employee Starts

Prior to onboarding, you should be briefed as a peer coach by either a supervisor or a department onboarding administrator.

First Day

Providing a welcoming first day sets a positive tone for the new employee.

First Month

The first month can pass quickly. Invest time with weekly check-ins to support the onboarding experience.

First Quarter

Throughout the remainder of the first quarter, continue building rapport with the new employee through ongoing communication and bi-weekly check-ins.